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Help UnRaid keeps crashing

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I'm having an issue with my sever. It's keeps crashing and going offline and I'm unable to re boot UnRaid. I have to do a restore from and previous backup.


Is there a way for me to get a log of what's causing my server to crash so I can correct the issue.



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No idea why it will not reboot - that suggests something at the motherboard level.   Is the BIOS battery flat as that can cause symptoms like this.


In terms of working out why it is crashing you should enable the syslog server (probably with the option to Mirror to Flash set) to get a syslog that survives a reboot so we can see what leads up to a crash.  The mirror to flash option is the easiest to set up, but if you are worried about excessive wear on the flash drive you can put your server's address into the remote server field.

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