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WIN11 SMB Access Promblems

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I've been trying to access a couple of SMB shares with a new Windows 11 machine and have had no luck for a week now.

  I set export to yes and security yes as well as a user set up for read and write access. I've only been able to see the shares once from my windows machine to which it asked for a username and password and then disappeared never to be seen again despite all the rabbit holes and restarts trying to do what id imagine should be something easy. Is there an inherent issue with Unraid and shares preventing usage with Windows?

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Try setting up a Windows Credential  (using 'Credential Manager') to that 'Share Access' user on your Unraid server.  (You may need to reboot the Windows 11 computer after you do this...) 


There is a tutorial if you should need additional Info.  See the first post in this thread:




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