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Correct Order to Stop Array

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Hi all, as of recent seem to have a reoccuring issue when i want to power down my server, every time its trying to stop the array it keep getting stuck on 'trying to unmount the shares'. I have tried to stop all docker containers and vms before initating the shutdown but its still throws the error. I checked the logs recently and it look like the share /mnt/apps was busy which im sure is used by docker but cant understand what can possibly be still accessing the share.Some people say that its the docker.img file im not sure how i can disconnect access to it if that is the case.Im inclined to think is it docker thats causing the issue since it only started happening once i started adding containers to my setup.


The only option right now I have is just to do hard power down and then wait two days for the parity check to finish as its detected an unclean shutdown. Some people have reported that they started having a similar problem when then went upto  build 6.12, not sure how much truth there is to that claim though.

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What release are you currently running?   There was definitely an issue around this in the early 6.12.x releases but they have largely been fixed now I believe.   Having said that I have seen some suggestions that there might be more improvements around this area in the 6.12.7 release.

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