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slow parity check

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How far into the parity check is it?   Looking at the disk speed graphs disk3 has some very slow sections and since at any point the check speed is determined by the slowest drive I would expect slowdowns while in that section.   Also some of the other drives are slower than I would expect.


Having said that the diagnostics show that there is a lot of write activity on disk6 so that is also going to badly slow down the parity check (the activity shows up in the system/loads.txt file in the diagnostics.).   In practice that is the most likely cause of the slow speeds. 

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it was in the 20% range as i remember. had an estimated finish of 53 to 350ish days. It had been running for a about a day. woke up this morning to 3 day estimated finish. 


I don't have history for this configuration (new hardware build). I had a rebuild of the Parity drive (replaced for larger drive) run for 3 days estimated completion with the gui/ssh not responding after 36 hours (dockers still where ) so. . I let it run for 4 days and did a hard shut down. I was doing a check to feel more comfortable about the rebuild. Could the slow drives mean anything? (not a hardware guy)


thanks for the insite on the loads.txt file. 

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