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[solved] configuration lost? all disk show up as new


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restarted my unraid server to day, just to find out all disks are marked as blue. as far as i see it the assignment of the discs is correct but im not sure if starting the array woud reset the configuration?! Any hints?


the only thing i did was migrating disc14 to a new 2TB drive yesterday, but rebuild went flawless.


Syslog is attached.





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thanks for the response, so basically you're saying if i restart the array the parity will get rebuild? So the only thing to make sure is that the parity drive is correctly assigned, preventing overwriting a data disc?


just to be sure, better safe than sorry.


and i have no idea why it got lost?!

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Exactly, pressing start with a data drive assigned as parity is very bad for the integrety of the data. If you press stop again quick enough you might recover most of it. If you let the parity check compete then it is lost for good.


If you are not sure then assign every drive as a data drive. The parity will appear to be unformatted when you start the array. Then, fix the assignment, reset the array and let the parity rebuild.


You can also just unassign the parity and start. Once you know all the data drives are OK then you can assign the parity again.




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One possible cause of this is that your flash drive could be going bad.  If unRAID wasn't able to read your config file on the flash, then maybe it reverted to a fresh configuration.  Not that it SHOULD have done that, but perhaps it did.  You might want to check your flash drive's health with a utility such as scandisk for Windows.


Another possible cause is bad RAM.  Since unRAID is loaded into RAM and run from RAM, any RAM errors can cause generally weird behavior.  Boot into memtest (from the unRAID flash drive) and let it run overnight.  It will be obvious if there are any errors (large red sections on the screen).  If there are no errors, press ESC to cancel memtest and reboot into unRAID.


Note that both of these tests take some time and you will NOT be able to use your server while they run.  You might want to grab a few movies before you start them ;)

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the parity rebuild just finished as expected. Thanks for all the input.


I suspect the USB Drive regarding the lost configuration. With a former failed migration to a new faulty disc, unraid generated a 2GB syslog file which was recently copied to the stick earlier, maybe this triggered some bad behavior.

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