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  1. there was a bugfix release today 2.8.12. .. no issue of the container. image is updated.
  2. Updated to the latest release 2.8.8 also using the version as docker tag to makes things easier Seems like the ppa failed for the base image... need to have a futher look Edit: PPA was fixed and new image pushed
  3. Updated to the latest release 2.8.6
  4. Updated to the latest release 2.8.4
  5. Need to have a deeper look it seems... the ppa and base image used aren't updated. will see what i can do since I'm by far no expert. edit: okay simple enough... updated to new version
  6. I have no problem with tv shows... api might be done, happens from time to time.
  7. Support for MediaElch docker container Application Name: MediaElch Application Site: Docker Hub: Github: Support tool for you media collection. Manage all your movies, tv shows, concerts and music. Import new files and automatically rename them. Scrapers - MediaElch comes with many scrapers including The Movie DB, The TV DB, IMDB,, The Audio DB and many others. Kodi - MediaElch creates nfo files for use with Kodi. B
  8. Okay, some hours and 4 million tabs and stuff later.... here is a working version. I also made a template xml file.. but I'm not sure how to get this working. Do i need to host this on github to be able to add it as a repository? It didn't work with my local webserver... Feel free to give it a spin.. just add it to your template directory: /boot/config/plugins/dockerMan/templates-user mediaelch.xml
  9. Woohoo I won something. Never happened before.. thanks you guys I'll put it to good use
  10. Exactly what I am seeing, good to know where it comes from. Again, thank you for your excellent support.
  11. Great explanation thank you. Yeah I would loved to move to xfs, but since I only always replaced discs with rebuilds I never had the chance. Will defiantly start converting when I'm sorted initially now and have a better confidence. Any more explanations on the performance issue on fuller disks? I have hickups since ages, since my disks are always 99% filled. Sometimes browsing smb takes 30 seconds while more than one file operation is going on...
  12. Thanks I did that, but for my understanding. Why does this happend if the rebuild starts proper from the beginning and does finish without errors? This is the output of the check, It told me to repair the superblock. Then i did another check, which told me to rebuild-tree. I did that too and it came up with a handful of damaged files, no loss there. So far array looks fine. Can I be confident to go from here? I'm still a little estranged about the whole thing. Guess for any further step I'll wait for the replacement LSI controllers... and might switch to xfs in a longru