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Question: How to Teamspeak 3 Server on unRaid?


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Hello guys,


so I have a Teamspeak3 server running on my pc and would like to put it up on my unRaid server.


My knowledge of linux is very limited, but I've been reading howto's for the last hours and I think I have it figured out.


But, I thought of a potential issue... since the only constant thing in a unRaid server are the contents of the flash drive, will everything i do be lost if i restart the server? Or won't it?


Please give some pointers on how to proceed with this.


Thank you! :)




So I've followed the instructions and all that and have it running nice and smooth, and it was even possible to simply copy/paste the database with permissions and channels from windows to linux.


So I went ahead and restarted the server and, sure enough, all went to smithereens.


I tried to set it up on /boot/ but it gave me a bunch of errors perhaps because of it being as FAT32 and not whatever linux uses for FS.


Any ideas as to how make this permanent would be immensely appreciated.


Thanks you!! :)

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I have teamspeak 3 working on unraid 5 bld12A


It is not stream lined but by manually entering the commands below it works fine.


I wish i could find a method of doing it automatically but maybe someone else can jump in and help.




First goto http://teamspeak.com  and download the linux server - x86 version


In windows I make a teamspeak3 directory - flash/packages/teamspeak3

I also make a flash/packages/teamspeak3/logs


I then Unzip /untar the file to flash/packages/Teamspeak3/   



My commands:



telnet in to unraid


copy -R /boot/packages/teamspeak3 / .                ------- copy complete teamspeak 3 dir / files from flash drive to current drive

cd teamspeak3


./ts3server_startscript.sh start                            - START SERVER



Teamspeak will report it has started and provide you with the server passwords and privilege key.


The info is kept in teamspeak3/log on the unraid server


I then copy the log file to the /boot/packages/teamspeak3/log      (on the flash)


When i open the log file it has the keys needed to get admin level when you connect to your teamspeak3 server


Default port for Teamspeak 3 server is 9987


I run the client - add the keys to make me admin  (port 9987)


Its a crude way to do it but the best i can do so far..



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