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Hard disk disabled due to write failures


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I have a drive that for 4 times gave me read/write errors (according to the tower homepage) and was disabled.

Rebuilt the drive 4 times (on the same disk).


I attached below the short smart report, can anyone help me in identify if the drive has issues? according to the report below the drive passes the smart report.


Statistics for /dev/sdk WDC_WD20EADS-00S_WD-WCAVY1112779


smartctl -a -d ata /dev/sdk

smartctl version 5.38 [i486-slackware-linux-gnu] Copyright © 2002-8 Bruce Allen

Home page is http://smartmontools.sourceforge.net/



Device Model:    WDC WD20EADS-00S2B0

Serial Number:    WD-WCAxxxxxxxxxxxx

Firmware Version: 04.05G04

User Capacity:    2,000,397,852,160 bytes

Device is:        Not in smartctl database [for details use: -P showall]

ATA Version is:  8

ATA Standard is:  Exact ATA specification draft version not indicated

Local Time is:    Mon Oct 17 19:16:23 2011 Local time zone must be set--see zic m

SMART support is: Available - device has SMART capability.

SMART support is: Enabled



SMART overall-health self-assessment test result: PASSED


General SMART Values:

Offline data collection status:  (0x84) Offline data collection activity

was suspended by an interrupting command from host.

Auto Offline Data Collection: Enabled.

Self-test execution status:      (  0) The previous self-test routine completed

without error or no self-test has ever

been run.

Total time to complete Offline

data collection: (42000) seconds.

Offline data collection

capabilities: (0x7b) SMART execute Offline immediate.

Auto Offline data collection on/off support.

Suspend Offline collection upon new


Offline surface scan supported.

Self-test supported.

Conveyance Self-test supported.

Selective Self-test supported.

SMART capabilities:            (0x0003) Saves SMART data before entering

power-saving mode.

Supports SMART auto save timer.

Error logging capability:        (0x01) Error logging supported.

General Purpose Logging supported.

Short self-test routine

recommended polling time: (  2) minutes.

Extended self-test routine

recommended polling time: ( 255) minutes.

Conveyance self-test routine

recommended polling time: (  5) minutes.

SCT capabilities:       (0x303f) SCT Status supported.

SCT Feature Control supported.

SCT Data Table supported.


SMART Attributes Data Structure revision number: 16

Vendor Specific SMART Attributes with Thresholds:


  1 Raw_Read_Error_Rate    0x002f  200  200  051    Pre-fail  Always      -      1

  3 Spin_Up_Time            0x0027  253  144  021    Pre-fail  Always      -      3325

  4 Start_Stop_Count        0x0032  100  100  000    Old_age  Always      -      920

  5 Reallocated_Sector_Ct  0x0033  200  200  140    Pre-fail  Always      -      0

  7 Seek_Error_Rate        0x002e  200  200  000    Old_age  Always      -      0

  9 Power_On_Hours          0x0032  081  081  000    Old_age  Always      -      13875

10 Spin_Retry_Count        0x0032  100  100  000    Old_age  Always      -      0

11 Calibration_Retry_Count 0x0032  100  100  000    Old_age  Always      -      0

12 Power_Cycle_Count      0x0032  100  100  000    Old_age  Always      -      131

192 Power-Off_Retract_Count 0x0032  200  200  000    Old_age  Always      -      76

193 Load_Cycle_Count        0x0032  193  193  000    Old_age  Always      -      22716

194 Temperature_Celsius    0x0022  131  111  000    Old_age  Always      -      21

196 Reallocated_Event_Count 0x0032  200  200  000    Old_age  Always      -      0

197 Current_Pending_Sector  0x0032  200  200  000    Old_age  Always      -      0

198 Offline_Uncorrectable  0x0030  200  200  000    Old_age  Offline      -      0

199 UDMA_CRC_Error_Count    0x0032  200  200  000    Old_age  Always      -      0

200 Multi_Zone_Error_Rate  0x0008  200  200  000    Old_age  Offline      -      0


SMART Error Log Version: 1

No Errors Logged


SMART Self-test log structure revision number 1

Num  Test_Description    Status                  Remaining  LifeTime(hours)  LBA_of_first_error

# 1  Short offline      Completed without error      00%    13861        -


SMART Selective self-test log data structure revision number 1


    1        0        0  Not_testing

    2        0        0  Not_testing

    3        0        0  Not_testing

    4        0        0  Not_testing

    5        0        0  Not_testing

Selective self-test flags (0x0):

  After scanning selected spans, do NOT read-scan remainder of disk.

If Selective self-test is pending on power-up, resume after 0 minute delay.

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That drive is in better health then many of mine.


I would check all of your cabling sata connectors and power.


also it is possible you just don't have enough power left in your PSU to keep up with the systems demands, especially hard drives. if that is case, you actually end up loosing data by writing bad data.


You might want to post your build specs.

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I think that issues happen after I add drives or open the case, so I tend to agree this might be related to either the sata cable not sitting properly, but I would like to exclude power issues.

I have 14 drives in my unraid system, 4 of which are 2TB, the others are all 500GB. I am replacing 500GB with 2TB as I run out of space.

It has been a while since I upgraded my power supply, is there any way I can find out its specs without opening the case again? A sysinfo application for unraid? I could not find any info in the syslog about power supply...

Thanks for all your help so far!

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