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  1. yup, will buy a new one tomorrow and fit it. Thanks for the advise and checking things for me
  2. Thanks for the reply. Just booted up the VM to get that diagnostics for you, got distracted by something for a couple of minutes and when i looked back the array was already mounted and a parity-check was running. I stopped it immediately. It says it found 2 errors in 45 seconds. I'm not sure if that would attempt to fix the parity or fix the data? Here is the diagnostics, though i suspect you are correct. Parity drive is most likely toast other disk might be fine. I'll remove the parity drive and test it independently. I'm just happy the array mounted ok and i can access my files again. Yea, i have gotten very bad with that. I used to manually run it. I actually thought i set up e-mail alerts, but obviously not/not properly. Will sort out that and a scheduled parity check too.
  3. Hey all, need some help/advise recovering from a power outage with what may be 2 faulty HDDs. My server has been running perfectly for months, almost 2 weeks ago i have a PSU die. Finally got a replacement yesterday and booted it up. My Unraid server is a VM on ESXi, i don't think that affects anything, just mentioning it in case it does. Running version 6.6.6 (ha ha...) First time i booted the VM i had the SAS cables plugged into the wrong HBA, and all my large HDDs showed as 2.2TB drives. Shut down, swapped the cables over and booted again. All drives recognised however my Parity disk and "Disk 2" are showing alerts. Parity Drive is showing reallocated sectors, etc. Disk 2 is showing UDMA CRC errors. Screenshots of both attached. On top of that (i don't know if it is related?) the drive array is taking a very long time to start. I left it for at-least 30 minutes and it was still on Disk 4. Also attached screenshot of that. I didn't want to leave it overnight in case it did start, started a parity check and all the errors on the Parity Disk killed data. I had a look in the log and couldn't see any errors, sorry i don't have a copy of it ATM. I was thinking i should just pull the parity disk, start the array without parity, manually move the data off Disk 2 and remove it from the array and then independently test each of them. Or is there anything else i should be doing/checking? Thanks in advance :)
  4. Thanks for the reply. That makes sense that it was the colour codes. I couldn't find a way to turn that off, but now knowing what it was I have just added "[01;32mroot@Tower[00m:[01;34m~[00m#" into the script to wait for and it is now working. I just didn't want to do that until I knew what it was.
  5. Hey everyone, I wrote a VB Script that helps me decompress downloaded files on my UNRaid server. This way I don't need to transfer the files across the network. Was working perfectly until a little while ago (~2 months) when I upgraded to 6.2.4 (I was on ~5.5.0 beforehand). I have since upgraded to 6.3.2 and the problem still exists. It uses a command line telnet program to open a connection and then give it commands. Since the upgrade away from v5 it now shows a lot of garbage when the Telnet command is being run. As the telnet program is waiting for a specific thing to be displayed, it stops working. ie, it is waiting for "root@Tower:-# " but it is receiving "[01;32mroot@Tower[00m:[01;34m~[00m# " I've tried it in 2 clients, the one I've been using for years is called "Telnet Scripting Tool". The same thing happens in Plink.exe (bundled with Putty) and I have attached a screenshot. However, if I log in using putty in either Telnet or SSH then that garbage doesn't come up. Any ideas how to fix this?
  6. ok, but there is no options in Transmission regarding a watch folder or incomplete folder. When i had it on my old install it was a setting for the plugin, not inside the transmission GUI.
  7. sorry, i don't quite understand what you mean... (never used Docker until 2 days ago, so still getting my head around all of this) are you saying i just need to create a folder in my "data" folder called "watch" and it will work? same with Incomplete and Complete?
  8. Hey, i also just upgraded from 5.0.5 to the latest release and just installed your docker. Mostly working, i'm just not sure how to setup the watch folder. I have a script that moves files into the watch folder after i download them. I'm assuming you need to add a Path to the container through the settings but am not sure what to actually call it. I also like to have an "Incomplete" folder where stuff is downloaded, and it is then moved to the main folder when done, can that be setup? Thanks!
  9. Been a bit out of the loop, just had a good read about the new VM Manager in UnRaid 6. I think I'm going to install that and run a Windows VM or two that way, instead of virtualising UnRaid.
  10. check out the other thread, a link was posted yesterday re: USB passthrough for Hyper-V. No idea if it works, but it might
  11. thanks for the link, didn't know about that. Will have a look when I can
  12. It does work, but only for the free version. Need to clone the Storage device (Hyper-V doesn't let you boot from USB). The new licencing for the free version means it's not really worth while
  13. that is awesome, thank you to you and Tom Will install it this weekend
  14. i'd still really love that Hyper-V Network driver in UnRaid
  15. I've seen mention of forcing the USB Drive offline and then that makes it available to present to the VM, but was not able to get it work. Am 99% sure the free edition of UnRaid will do everything I want, this is just a backup server.