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Im new to unraid but starting to get familiar with the OS. Id like to use an old spare PC to setup as a backup device. Question is: would it make any sense to purchase a second unraid license and create this PC as a 2nd server that my main server backs up to? Or is there different software/methods that are more practical for this? Should I just use a raid config in the backup PC and sync the data to the backup server using something like syncthing? 
I would appreciate some advice from the folks that have experience backing up their servers on the best/easiest way to achieve this.

Thanks in advance.

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I don't want to take away business from Unraid and I have never used the Unraid My Servers (which I think is now Unraid Connect?) functionality, so if there are reasons to recommend that route, I hope others will chime in here. In the meantime, I'll give you some keywords to research:


How big is the data set that we're talking here? Enough to fit on a single drive? If so, as a beginner, I'd recommend rsync with the Unassigned Devices plugin.


Another option, and possibly the best one to use long-term, is borgmatic, but the configuration may be a bit intimidating (especially if you're new), so you don't have to start there.

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rsync can work over SSH to the second server (borgmatic can as well). If you're going to buy two hard drives, I'd probably just stick with Unraid for the second server in case you need to expand. The additional cost of a basic Unraid license is marginal and for a good cause!


With this kind of redundancy, do you have plans for offsite (3-2-1 principle)?

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I will have 2 copies of the data (2 servers) and one of those servers will be offsite. Im not sure if thats a 3-2-1 or just a 2-1 but i am comfortable with that amount of redundancy. 
I will go have a look at rsync and borgmatic now.

Thank you for the advice.

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Rsync looks like what I will be going with. Borgmatic was too intimidating for my skill level as im not a native linux user. That fellow on YT spaceinvader seems to have a video for almost every scenario doesn’t he? Lol

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