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sabToSickBeard.py error[SOLVED]


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Traceback (most recent call last):

 File "/mnt/cache/.sabnzbd/scripts/sabToSickBeard.py", line 23, in <module>

   import autoProcessTV

ImportError: No module named autoProcessTV


any idea why? i did a fresh intall just in case but i still get the same error.....manual prepossessing works though

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i have done this already ......... ::)as a test i did a windows installation with the exact steps and there works.....so it must be an unraid thing....

permission setting something else i dont know....is there ant info to give you guys to help me out please?

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I just recently started having troubles with this also.


Sabs' Post-Processing Scripts Folder: /mnt/disk/More/sickbeard/autoProcessTV



/mnt/disk/More/sickbeard/autoProcessTV contains:







When I try to assign a script to the TV category in SABnzbd, the only option I have is autoProcessTV.cfg. Shouldn't I be using sabToSickbeard.py?


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