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  1. Thanks, crap I just replaced the PLGs there (/boot/config/plugins). I want to do a clean re-install of SF, which files should I delete? Can all PLG-files be put in /boot/plugins now or only the ones that were made for the new unraid plugin system?
  2. Hello guys, didn't play around with my Unraid-server for quite some time now and upgraded to rc12a today. I have no idea what SimpleFeatures-version I am running, should I just delete all SF-related and re-install again or is there a way to find out which version I am running? Thanks in advance
  3. Use fixed ip Avoid whitespaces for sharenames Sent from my Nexus S using Tapatalk 2
  4. I concur. I own 2 HD-ND22s, they are very fast due to their CPU, silent if the fans are throttled in the BIOS and the streams via 500mbps PowerLAN are no problem. The only problem you might encounter is that the menu sounds are not working, which in turn causes the resume from sleep not working on LG TVs (?!, very weird I know). But this fix is easily done. If you consider buying this device just PM me and I will guide you through the installation and some nice tweaks. Centralization works a treat if you follow my tutorial, and sharing thumbnails via cache/snap-mounted drive is a nice aspect too.
  5. Hello, I will be using a Crucial M4 as apps-disk for sab, sick, couch and for the mysql-server. what is the best filesystem to use if i want to use this ssd mounted via snap for the above mentioned purposes, ext4 maybe? I am running unraid 5 rc5. Thanks in advance, p1lot
  6. It is the same with Samba shares. I can not download subtitles via XBMC subtitles plugin to unraid too. Is it possible this issue to be connected with some kind of a permission problems? For some reason I only have this problem on one XBMC-box, so I am assuming it it not an unRAID-problem. All of my XBMC-setups are identical (OpenELEC beta 4).
  7. PeterB: Do you know if XBMC uses TCP or UDP to stream movies?
  8. Does anybody know why my e-mail config is not working? I am not receiving a single mail at both of my error recipients addresses. The config itself works and this is an excerpt of my syslog: Thanks in advance, p1lot
  9. It depends on how you are unsing nfs and the behavior of your nfs client software: - nfs access to disk shares should always be reliable - nfs access to user shares can be unreliable, the failure being "stale file handle" errors. More on this when -rc6 is released... I am actually only accessing via user shares and haven't had a single hiccup while streaming, but what stopped working is downloading subtitles via XBMC-Plugin, but that might not an NFS-issue.
  10. I used all RCs, from 1 to 4 and never had NFS problems while streaming from my unRaid-server to the XBMC mediacenters. Isn't the NFS-implementation supposed to have a bug? NFS only gets used for streaming, not for direct file copy to from my PC/Laptop to a servershare, might that be a reason I have never come across this bug?
  11. Its possible but i recommend a cheap ssd for that purpose. 64 gig crucial m4 and alike. Sent from my GT-N7000 using Tapatalk 2
  12. If i reformat an ssd with a new filesystem are the garbage problems all gone or must i still apply the wiper.sh tool? Sent from my Nexus S using Tapatalk 2
  13. Thanks for the link, will definitely buy a proper SSD then.