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  1. any solution to this?
  2. Hi everyone, back from holiday and still have issues. should i just try to replace my flash drive? i run a few scans on it and it seems fine..... while i was on holiday my server got restarted a few times....and every time i had to reinstall the unassigned devices plugin , and run : /usr/local/sbin/emhttp & also the had to install rclone a few times again. no issues with Dynamix WireGuard, and Nerd Tools, and community plugins....
  3. Flash drive seems ok, but let me also make a backup. I do have a problem with my hp server that sometimes the sata drives are not being read properly, but that should be affect /usr/local/sbin/emhttp from starting up? I also attached my diagnostics. if i want to test another flash drive without moving the license?it should be ok to do, with the 30 days trail, i believe?
  4. Hi everyone, this is the second time it happens i am getting concerned now. this is also a security issue because ssh port is defaulting back to 22 (after i set it to something else). my power tripped last night, all my plugins got deleted, had to start /usr/local/sbin/emhttp & manually, ssh defaulted to port 22...and still check what else... what can the issue be ? NerdPack is still there,,,,but not unassigned devices so my whole docker/vm environment isnt working
  5. ok noted...what else can i check? as i mentioned... i am just getting this : /pictures Processing and your library is empty
  6. /mnt/disks/xxx-xxx/.tmp/photostructure/imgcache is empty , so looks like files are not being copied to the temp folder on the ssd
  7. hi everyone....for some reason i am unable to get it to work....:-( /pictures Processing and "your library is currently empty" can someone point me in the right direction? logs folder is empty.... the docker's /pictures does have photos. can some please point me in the right direction here?
  8. Hi did anyone try to install endless ssh on unraid?
  9. can this be used to stream locally? meaning i would rather not use facebook/youtube/etc.... I need to broadcast a private function with my gopro next week, i have the docker up and running, but not sure where to specify my streamkey?
  10. very happy with PHOTOPRISM, will do a few more tests but i think i will soon switch off my synology DSM VM. Question, what is the best way to sync my phone photos? i dont see an ios/android app
  11. Hi, having a lot of issues here with my 8TB drive. I currently removed it from the array and trying to troubleshoot it as a mounted drive. Drive only mounts as read only and if i try get files off it i often get an error. i can start a btrfs scrub (with or without -r) but when i check: Status: aborted Duration: 0:00:00 Total to scrub: 5.85TiB Rate: 0.00B/s Error summary: no errors found btrfs check --repair /dev/sdd1 enabling repair mode WARNING: Do not use --repair unless you are advised to
  12. is it still possible to use --allow-non-empty? if my power trip, some folder still remain and then the script can't mount when the power is back