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FTP Help Please


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So I've got my server up and running and everything is good except for the FTP use.

Ive googled, searched the forums and I've just about had it.  I should note this is my first time using a Linux OS. 


Anyway, the FTP Server works in the sense that I can connect to it.  Thats about it though.

Once connected I can see my share (VIDEOS).  However, when I go in the folder there is nothing there.  There should be a few folders but I dont see anything. 


Setup:  only 1 HD atm (will add several more soon, no parity yet)

          only 1 share atm (more to come)


Can someone please tell me or even write up the code i put into 'go.cfg'


write now it reads:


sleep 30

mkdir -p /var/ftproot/VIDEOS

echo 'anon_umask=0022' >> /etc/vsftpd.conf

echo 'local_root=/var/ftproot' >> /etc/vsftpd.conf

mount --bind  /mnt/root/VIDEOS  /var/ftproot/VIDEOS


losing my mind over this


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what version of unRAID are you running? That will make a difference!


But this is probably a permissions issue I would guess as you are probably running on 5.0bX and logging in as root.


Root does not have access to files under the new permission in 5.0bX unRAID.  You need to configure vsftpd to allow you to log in as a different user more than likely.


I rarely use FTP so can't be much help beyond what I just mentioned.

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Can the new user make a file? What is the owner and permissions of the created file? Did you give this user permission to access the share in the WebGUI?


Yes, the new user is able to make files.  I can still see the share as Videos but its empty.  I gave it all permissions as well.  I am about to give up and just cut my losses.


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This will let ftp read files:

chmod -R o+rx /mnt/user/shareName


To make things writable change rx to rwx. THIS MAY BE INSECURE. It lets all users have this access. Set up a dropbox if needed.


Once you find it works, add the lines to you go file so they will survive a reboot. In order for ftp written files to be included in the version 5 file and security model they must be set as root owner and group and permissions set to rwxrwx.



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