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Level 2 certification - Dell XPS 410 (DXP061)


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I'd like to report that my XPS 410 is running smoothly enough that I can offer a Level 2 Certification.  I have posted recently on the Level 1, and I just completed a second parity check yesterday.  In between these two posts I have copied approximately 2.5 TB to the array.  I have it nearly 1/2 full now, out of the 8 TB.  The Syslog is posted below.


Here is a link to the thread containing the photos  http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=16056.0


Also, I am copying the hw info from my first post:


I set up my unraid server about two months ago. The computer is a Dimension 9200 / XPS 410 / DXP061 - I bought the 410 in 2006.  I am running a Core2 Duo 6600 @ 2.40GHz.  The system has 4 GB of ram and 6 sata ports.  I had replaced the power supply some time ago with a 550W Corsair 80 plus PS.   This board will not boot without a video card.  I sourced an 8 MB ATI rage card for the server =) and it works perfectly.  As I state below, I also added an NIC for gigabit ethernet - the stock NIC is a bit flaky and I had added this NIC card in about 2008.  


I installed a EverCool Dual 5.25 in. Drive Bay to Triple 3.5 in. HDD Cooling Box in the two 5.25 bays to hold three hard drives.  The case is designed to house two hard drives on the bottom in an unusual setup but I placed two drives there.  Now, because of the PS SATA power cabling, I was forced to put only three drives up top (there is room for an additional two drives beneath the two 5.25 bays), and a third drive on the bottom of the case with the other two.  There is another reason for this - the distance between the SATA PS ports is too small to span the distance between the two drives situated horizontally, so using the third drive in between allows use of all three power ports.  This drive I leave standing on its side - quite inelegant but the box does not move.


I have two Hitachi HDS5C302 2 TB drives (one is parity),

One Samsung HD204UI 2 TB drive,


A Hitachi HDS72101 1 TB,

and a Samsung HD102UJ 1 TB drive


This gives me a total of 8 TB storage.  The server has run pretty flawlessly.  I have been steadily copying media to various shares - I am using only share directories.  Disk temps have been below 35 almost always and are typically around 30 - I am worried this is too cold as when not in use, the drive temps get as low as 18 to 21, depending on the drive location.  I also have a gigabit network card installed; the onboard ethernet was always a bit flaky.


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PS could someone update the wiki for me? 




From what I can tell, hardware strangeness aside, this is a very solid system to use for unraid.  I could hold a total of three drives in my cooling box, two drives in the 3.5 in bays below that, two in the stock position on the floor, without case modiifications, or a total of 7 drives.  There is room in the case for two more drives above the stock drive positions, but customized mounts would be needed.  You would also need an SATA card. 

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