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2 wireless routers picture included


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i have added another wireless router in my home because the one i was given by my internet service provider was a very low signal upstairs.so added another one upstairs. i can view and access my unraid y all wired pcs and i can also do this with wireless the one my internet service provider gave me BUT i cant access my unraid by the wireless router i have added. i have made a picture to explain my setup.


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Is your "ISP Modem" also a router? If it is just a modem your setup should be modem > router > switch > pc's, not modem > switch > router/pc's.


Assuming stuff is kind of working though it most likely is a router, check DHCP is only enabled on one of the routers (if it's enabled on both you'll have all sorts of problems). Using two routers on one local network isn't recommended but it should be fine if you set your new one to "Acess Point (AP) mode." You don't want both routers assigning IP addresses to all the PC's on your LAN or you'll get conflicts. If it is ADSL2 then you would probably be better off replacing your existing/ISP modem/router with a new wireless N one rather than add another wireless access point.

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the easy solution is to turn off the DHCP (and any static routes or funky configurations) on your personal wireless router, and plug one of the LAN ports (not the WAN) into your switch.

that should  then turn your the wireless router in just an access point.

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on my linksys router iv turned off DHCP and also changed option to auto DHCP. to static ip. to apply these changes it said i had to  set 1 or more (if i like) Static DNS 1 so i put in my ip address of my unraid server. i have also connected one of the lan ports with an ethernet cable from the wireless router to my switch (as recommended on here)

i can now access my unraid by web gui on wireless computers but in networks the unraid still wont show up. my wireless device im using has windows 7 if this helps. iv also tried finding my unraid by going into (my computer) map network drive. but unraid wont show up.. but on all my other computers that are connected to the switch by cable can see the unraid.


the modem my internet provider give us that we use to get the internet has wireless built in. so its a modem and wireless router in one. reason iv added my own wireless router (linksys) is because the wirelss signal is loads better. i cant change or get rid of this as i wont be able to receive my internet from my provider. my internet is broadband from a company called virgin.

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