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Setting up my backup Flash Drive

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I am in the process of bringing up an unRAID array. I purchased a Pro license with the backup option. I have installed unRAID on both drives and put the appropriate key on each drive. I have been proceeding using one of the flash drives, and have done nothing with the backup flash except make it bootable, install the basic unRAID system, put the license key in the appropriate place and test that the system would boot with that backup key.


My question is, when I'm finished getting everything set up with the main flash drive, i will have installed and configured several packages - things like unmenu, configuring email settings etc. In the event of a problem with my flash down the road I would rather not have to remember how to set all this up on my backup flash. If I simply copy over everything from the original flash to the backup flash, excluding, of course, the license key, will everything just work or do the various packages and configuration options need to be re-installed while the backup flash is actually acting as the boot drive for unRAID.





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