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[SOLVED] Transfer no faster to Cache drive than protected array both are slow


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I recently upgraded my unraid server to the following components.  Reading the forums, it seems that I'm getting significantly slower speeds than everyone else - especially with respect to the cache drive.  



CPU: Intel i3 540 Clarkdale

RAM: Kingston 4GB DDR3 1333

Power and cooling 750 Watt PS

3 sets of Supermicro CSE-M35T-1B drive cages with 15 drives

SATA cards:

1)  Supermicro-AOC-SASLP-MV8 SATA2 Serial ATA II PCI-Express RAID Controller Card

2)  Monoprice SATA2 Serial ATA II PCI-Express RAID Controller Card


My network:

Cat 6 Ethernet cables, a

Router: Gigabit D-link DIR 655.  


Transfer source: i5 2500k windows 7 system with a gigabit ethernet port. Using both WD green 3tb drive 5400 rpm and a 128gb OCZ vetex 3 SSD - Speed of transfer did not change more than 1-2 gb/s between the two.  The files in question are large 35 gb movie files (with a folder file system, not a single ISO file)  


With a cache drive speeds are: 13 - 20 MB/s

(Cache drive = Maxtor 500gm 7200rpm drive on the the #2 sata card shown above)  


Without a cache drive speeds are: ~ 15 MB/s


The network is otherwise not being used at all.


I did read in the forums about some issue with remote differential compression, so I turned this off, and speeds have not changed at all.  




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How many drives are on the PCI card? The entire PCI bus, all the slots, can only support a single drive at full speed.

he is on PCIe 2x that should be OK even for 2 drives. although I would recommend putting the cache drive on the motherboard along with the parity.

both of those drives should have maximum throughput available.




I just noticed the cache drive is an antique Maxtor 500GB Maxline Pro 7H500F0.

http://macperformanceguide.com/Storage-Drive-Maxtor7H500F0.html (and this is outdated by newer sata drives!)

Those things are SLOW by todays standard. it performs like an IDE drive dressed up as a SATA drive.

If you are going to use that drive, I would use it as a data drive and find another drive for cache.



Also check all your NIC's and see if they are running at gigabit and not 100Mb. make sure you have good Cat5e cables. Some cheaper cat5 cables do not do so well with gigabit.

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