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Popcorn hour locks waiting for unraid to spin up


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I have 2 PCHs (100 and 110) hooked to my gigabit wired network. If the Unraid drives are not spun up, the first time the PCH needs to get data (either paging thru the index or starting a movie) the PCH will go black and hang before the drives are up. I have to disconnect the power from the PCH and navigate back to the index .


I had the directory caching SW running a year or so ago (on 4.6) but that didn't work every time.


Is there anything I can do to get unraid to spin up quicker?

Has anyone with a PCH found a setting on the PCH that lengthens the timeout/lockup time?



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Thanks for the info guys! I changed to nfs and now both the 100 and 110 units can spin up drives and continue without needing to be unplugged. Can't believe i have been bitching about this for a couple years and it was this simple to resolve.

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