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Split Level and XBMC: Folder files like metadata and fanart scattered all over

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Well digging deeper into my unRAID I've come across the horrifying discover I've mismanged the split level system. So I have folders and files scattered all to hell and gone ::)


Well I've reset the split levels to what I think is right with the exception of one thing: I'm preping my unRAID server to serve XBMC, so I'm filling it with metadata, movie posters, trailers, etc. The problem is this:


How do I keep the XBMC data with the folders? Let me draw a pic.......


configuration is this:


exported shares:



            --> individual movie folder (holds movie, fanart, trailer, metadata, etc). I had this at split level 2 which scattered files in individual movie folders all over the place. Example, disk1 would have Movies, click on that and I see all the movie folders on disk 1. Pick Avatar, and that folder contains some of the files like maybe the movie, and poster. Go to disk2 to Movies, click that to see movies in disk2. There is also a movie folder named Avatar which contains the trailer and metadata. Of course when accessing via top share it all seems to be in the same folder. Shows how smooth unRAID is, it only took me a year to find this out. I think the split level set to 1 will take care of movies, (all data for each movie to stay together, movie folder gets distributed to whatever drive unRAID says.) Right or wrong? And any suggestions on how to fix? (anything automagic to place all revelent data back in the same folders?)


Where I think I'm in trouble with XBMC stuff is in the TV shows:


Share= TV Series

                      --->Folder with name of show. This folder contains posters, fanart, metadata of the show in general.

                                    --->Season folders. Contains episodes of season plus posters, metadata, fanart specific to season.


What I want is for the XBMC data for TV show (the folder with the name of show) to keep that data in that folder, BUT I want to be able to spread the individual season folders across multiple drives. Possible?


Thanks for any and all advice.

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I have 11 drives that I fixed manually. Using disk shares only I would rename the metadata folder by adding a -2 to the end. I then move the files manually the delete all the folders that end in -2. I tend to stick to manual processes whenever I need to do cleanup work. Hate to have to recover from a over zealous script.


You could create a new share with proper split level an move the folders over. This should be pretty easy to script but with a parity drive this will take a boatload of time.


In your case it may be easier to

delete all the metadata and re-scrape with the new split level.


Easiest is just to ignore. Just I know sometimes that is not so easy.   

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You want split level 1 for Movies and 2 for TV series.


You have to move the data and delete the left-over empty directories to clean it up. I would consider just creating a new share and copying the movies over. I'm not positive but I believe you would have to copy from the old share to the new share name on the cache disk and then let the mover put it back. I believe if you copy from share to share that samba will ignore the share settings and keep things on the same disk, for example anything on disk1 would stay on disk1. The easiest might be to just delete any metadata files and the extra directories and then recreate them.



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I tend NOT to keep my fanart metadata in my movie shares... maybe I am mistaken. I was under the impression if I did that, whenever I browsed my movie share, it had to spin up ALL drives to get the data.



I could be wrong though. Perhaps that is a thing of long ago no longer true. or it never was true.

I guess i should find this out. now i am curious.

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