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Recurring problems on reboot

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Hey guys


I seem to having problems with unraid every time I reboot my server. It'll sit happily online for days on end, but when I reboot I get a whole heap of errors thrown at me most notably it ALWAYS seems to want to recheck parity on every boot. Today, I was moving the server to its permanent home (under the desk instead of on top of it), so I shutdown, unplugged, moved it three feet and rebooted. And now I'm getting some problems.


I'm getting a short 'beep' every ten or so seconds, coupled with the web management page not loading now although it did connect once then hung reloading... the one time I did get to it was apparently parity checking for no discernable reason. However, I CAN get into the server through windows explorer, and files are available, but I'm not happy about this. Any ideas what causing a) the parity re-checking and b) the webserver issue. Obviously, if parity is breaking when I shutdown then its not doing me a whole lot of good...


Also, what the hell is this beep about ? Its high pitched, higher than 'beep' command beep and the beep at boot (that's like a 'boop'.. this is like a chirp I guess). And it just won't STFU. And it's driving me crazy. And I have no idea why it's doing it. It seems to be unraid related, because the box will sit on the bios screen happily without doing it, and it doesn't start beeping until after the full boot into unraid has finished.


I had a look through the syslog and although I'm far from an expert it doesn't look good to me. There seems to be a mass of errors that I can't understand, and I definitely know that its not how my usual syslog appears. It's a whole lot longer both in phsyical length, and in time. I have no idea which issue this relates to, but it must relate to something.


Thanks guys



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