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Confused on Parity Checks


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Finally got my rig up and running without any hitches.  Hoping someone can clear up some confusion I had regarding parity checks. 


Ive read that its advised to do monthly parity checks.. okay no problem.  The issue is that I see unraid doing a parity check everyday (no errors thank god).  This usually takes play at around 6am.  On the main page it shows:

Last checked on Sun Nov 6 07:53:02 2011 EST, finding 0 errors.

Is this the same parity check that is suggested to do once a month?  If so, how can I change it so it only checks once a month.  Should also be noted that everyday I'm adding about 40 gigs of data to the unraid server.



version: 5.0-beta12a

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No, that is not how to shut-down. Use the web interface to stop the array and then shut-down the box.


Since to me, "rarely shut down" means only every few months that isn't the reason behind daily checks. Someone might be able to answer your question if you actually provided more info.




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