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Failed rebuild on replacement drive


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I recently tried to upgrade disk1 from 1.5 TB to 2.0 TB. I had recently performed a parity check (no errors), so I stopped the array, unassigned the drive, and powered down.


Screenshot *before* the upgrade:




I installed the new drive in the same bay as the old one (disk 1), and started the array (blue ball), rebuilding the drive based on the previous parity.


Screenshot *after* the upgrade:




However, at *some* point during the rebuilding process, the server froze. I wasn't able to access it remotely, and it didn't even have an IP assigned on the router. I went to the console and logged in, but I was immediately logged out.


I hard reset the server, and it came back up, although the parity was rebuilding. Since I wasn't 100% sure that disk1 had finished rebuilding, I didn't trust the parity (it had already found a bunch of errors). I stopped the rebuild of the parity, unassigned the drive, and powered the server down.


I reinstalled the *old* 1.5 TB drive in disk1 and started the server, and reassigned it to disk1.


Now I have this:




This is what I think I have:


  • Incorrect parity
  • Good data for all of my disks (including disk1)


How do I restore drive1 with the existing data on it? I basically want to start the array and rebuild parity, trusting that all of the data on the disks is correct.


Thanks for the help!


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