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[Ended] Want to Trade: my one brand new 3TB for your two brand new 2TB's


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I have one, brand spanking new, factory sealed Hitachi Deskstar 5K3000 CoolSpin 3TB SATA 6Gb/s Internal Hard Drive (0S03228).  I want to trade for your two brand new unused Hitachi Deskstar 5K3000 CoolSpin 2TB SATA 6Gb/s Internal Hard Drives. I just thought that since the 2TB’s were on some smoking deals before the flooding some of you likely stocked up on them, also being concerned they would be replaced by inferior WD models. And now with latest releases of unRAID supporting 3TB, you might rather go down that path. If nobody bites, I will just keep waiting for prices to come down to purchase more of them. BTW, I am located in Arizona. You pay to ship yours and I’ll pay to ship mine. Thanks for looking.  :)

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