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[SOLVED] preclear results check please??

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I'm concerned about the "near_thresh" status indicators.  Anything to worry about?

Just an FYI... You are using a version of the prclear script that is two versions old.   Current is 1.13.


Of course, since you did 5 cycles of pre-clear, it might have been only 1 version old when you started  ;)


No need to clear again, but just a reminder to always check for an updated script.

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huh ... I thought I had checked that, clearly I was wrong.  Thanks for the heads up.


Well I did the 5 cycles just because this is a spare drive I bought in case I have a failure during this HDD price fiasco.  So ... that means it will be sitting around for a while unused (hopefully). I wanted to make REALLY REALLY REALLY sure that if this drive was going to die an early death it did it while preclearing, and not after I press it into service, to replace a failed disk, after the warranty runs out.

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