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New to unraid


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Hi Guys


i am very new to networking and unraid and require some help please.

Firstly i decided i wanted to store all my media in one place and after some research decided on unraid, I read up on the installation and this went really well. so far I have the system up and running and can see the drives through the web GUI and can log on through PUTTY.


my query related to the following though, I want to store my media as follows and cannot figure out how to do it: My shares are set as follows:

Media (main folder set to level 1) followed by Photos, music and video (sub folders set to level2 ) etc etc using high water but i have a couple of questions:

1 - how do i copy/save or send all my media (photos, music, videos) to unraid disks from windows and/or linux machines

2 - how do i then manage the media

3- how do i view/see the media from my linux ubuntu and windows pc.


Any help would be greatly appreciated as so far I really like what unraid and the community are doing.


Many Thanks

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I have my shares mapped as network drives in windows, I assume most people do.  To see them type \\TOWER into windows explorer adn the shares should be visable.  Then you can move all your data to the shares like you would between harddrives. To do this in linux I think you need to mount the shares but you'll have to find someone with a bit more knowledge than me for that.

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Yep thats how my windows machines see things.

I type in the address bar

\\ which is my ip to my machine and then when I find a place I want I map it. You can use \\tower too, but I'm so used to typing in IP addresses that the tower thing just seems to foreign to me. LOL

M: Movies

T: Tv shows

P: Photos

L: MP3's

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