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[Solved]New to UNRAID, first try, unable to connect


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This is my first shot at setting up and unraid server(or any server). I browsed/searched the forum and did not find anything that helped.

Setting up the flash drive and booting was successful.

I am using this configuration tutorial. http://lime-technology.com/wiki/index.php?title=Configuration_Tutorial

Verifying network connectivity works properly, and gives me the ip address

The trouble starts at step 4(Configuration With the Server Management Utility)

I am unable to access the server via //tower, http://tower, //,, and I tried to connect from two different computers.

I am able to successfully ping yahoo.com, and another computer on the network.

first try was with a dynamic ip, when that did not work i set up a static ip and the  result was the same.

I was unable to get a syslog.

Setup is a alivenf6g-dvi, athlon 64x2, 2G ram, 2x WD20EARS, 1x WD10EADS


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Good idea. I just did it, and was able to ping tower successfully from two computers.

Last night I tried something with the hosts file, though I can not remember exactly what, also tried opening up the DMZ for that ip.There is a good chance that I did not not do either of those things right.

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I had something similar happen to me, it was caused by gparted (ubuntu) placing symbols after the usb label, when i formatted it: UNRAID/>/\ 


Correcting this allowed me to connect, i also needed to update my hosts file to be able to connect using tower.


have you checked your usb is labeled correctly?

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probably best not to use gparted, because as i mentioned it sometimes adds crap to the end of the label, but ubuntu showed the label correctly, so i guess it might be worth looking to see what gpardted list the label as, maybe W7 does the same thing.


good luck.





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I am away from home for work today, so for kicks I hooked my laptop up to the router with a lan cable, and booted up using the same usb drive I have been using at home. And this time I was able to  connect to the laptop with the ip address. What sort of hardware could cause things not to work on the other computer?


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I meant the console. The screen attached to the server.


I'd do what dgaschk suggests and report back what the unraid terminal shows after it's booted, it should show:

Tower login:


you also mention that you "did something with the hosts file" did you make sure you put these back to how they were?


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DHCP is extremely reliable you are far more likely to mess things up with a static IP address. If you need a fixed IP address make a permanent reservation in the router/DHCP-server. At this point, given your comments about not being sure what you've done, I would start the process from the beginning with a flash reformat and fresh unRAID install. Report success or problems here before you take any action.

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