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[SOLVED] Share refuses to divert copy to another drive. (5.0b10pro)

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Update:  Shawn, thank you for the suggestions.  My problem turned out to be my split-level setting. (I have the hardest time wrapping my head around the concept)  Thanks also to Limetech, for the advice regarding this and my unseen unmenu issue.  


I have a 5-disk array.  No cache disk.


Tonight, a copy into a share failed, due to insufficient space.  I checked:

Disk 1 250G free  (with 9.37G used by this share)

Disk 2 823M free  (with 549G used by this share)

Disk 3 225G free  (with 147G used by this share)

Disk 4 318G free  (with 32G used by this share)

Disk 5 1.7T free   (with 0 used by this share)


The files are about 1.5Gb each, and the system doggedly attempts to send them to Disk 2.  (Which of course, fails)


My share that I'm copying to is set up as follows:


Alloc. Method:  High Water

Min Free space: 1000000000

Split level: 1

Included disks: disk1, disk2, disk3, disk4, disk5

Excluded disks:  


NFS export:  NO

Security: Public


SMB export: Yes (Hidden)

Security: Public


Anyone have ANY ideas as to why my configuration would favor disk 2?  ALL my copying is done via shares, and I've changed nothing in the last month since adding disk 5.  The share obviously has, at some point, chosen to use disk 1/2/3/4, but tonight it steadfastly/blindly sets out copying a 1.5Gb file onto a disk with 800Mb of free space, and I don't understand it!!!



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Not really sure why, but here might be a few things to try. First off, try increasing the min free space. If I count your zero's right, you have it set to 1GB, which when the underlying system calculates things, and the "real" free space (1kb does not actually equal 1,000 bytes kind of thing), maybe you do have right around that magic number. A lot of us set this pretty high, to cover copying say a DVD over. I have all mine set to 10GB.

Second, I have played a lot with the include and exclude disks and at one point had a issue with putting in spaces. Just type "disk1,disk2,disk3" etc. No spaces in there. Also, if you have just 5 disks, and the share can go to all, then don't bother putting any disks in the include option - then it will just use all of them. Typically you only use the inlcude and exclude to limit what disks a share does go to.


Make these changes, then stop and start the array and give it a try.




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