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Having connection+speed errors with my server...


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Hello guys, back again for more help, I'm still new to all this server stuff so have been encountering problems, the problems being dropped connection, extremely slow transfer speeds, and sometimes not finding the server. My setup is as follows....


- 2011 Mac mini running Lion 10.7.2

- HP Proliant NL36 Microserver running unRAID 4.7

- TP Link 5 port Gigabit switch

- o2 Wireless router


I'm pretty sure I have settings wrong somewhere since I'm a newbie with server stuff, if you want me to take pictures of anything like my network settings etc just say, I've just went into router settings and set the server to static IP as I've heard that helps some.


Here's a link to the log, thanks.

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DHCP is fine. You have more chance of getting the static configuration wrong and it should not help anyway. The best way to make sure you server has a fixed IP address is to configure a permanent reservation in the router. Are you using SMB? Is the Workgroup the same on both Server and Client? Is Local Master set to Yes?

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I have no idea how to make a permanent reservation on the router. How can I check if I'm using SMB or not please, as I'll go do that now for you and report back. Again not sure how to check if local master is set to 'yes'. As for the workgroup, I have it as 'unRAID' in the browser menu, how do I change it for the client please? Sorry for all the newbie questions and thanks for your help!

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Those settings look fine. Connect to the router at and makes the reservation for 78:AC:C0:F7:97:05 permanent.


Thanks, I can't find any way of doing this though?


Argh, whilst typing I was transferring small 2GB file to server, I can't connect to the server GUI even though the file is transferring correctly...(I have it bookmarked on Safari so I just click refresh but it can't find it even though the server is fine). Don't want to manual shut down the thing :(


Edit - Phew, managed to get it via IP address.

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I connected to the Router with the IP address but can't find how to make a permanent reservation. I connect to Server UI via IP or name of server, but right now it's dropped whilst transferring a film and I can't connect to it via IP nor server name.


Edit - And switched over to the VGA port on my TV (which is what the server runs through), and the screen was just black, nothing showing at all, had to do hard shut down.

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I did not see what network card you were using on your unRaid server. When I first built mine I had similar issues.. Swapped to an intel nic and those issues went away. That was almost a year ago.


I also use a static ip address for my unRaid server and it's always where I expect it to be. I pretty much keep all my main computers at static addresses.


Good luck,


Jim S.

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Hello there, I guess I'm just running whatever the standard NIC is for the HP Proliant server? :)


In the router I've set the IP address to static, so hopefully that's that part done at least.


Edit - Also wondering if there's any sort of clue in that at least some of the times it goes down, the screen for the server is completely blank...must be a reason for that?

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Sorry for the late reply my Mac has been down. Just wanted to update that after changing router (wanted wireless N+ for the house), it has no longer been dropping and the speeds are up to where they should be...must have been something wrong with the saved IP or something with the old one. So far so good :)

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