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i've totally fracked up my network connection


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Really in a mess here. (using 4.7 networked to Mac running Lion)


It was all going fine until I pressed 'renew DHCP lease' on network settings on my Mac.

I lost unmenu and Main server management utility - the ip address automatically assigned to Unraid had changed to


It had been and id put this in the hosts file so I could access unmenu via firefox.


Rather than go through that set up again, I thought "I'll just change the 'Obtain IP Address Automatically' setting in the server management page to"


I did this and bang - lost access.


If i scan the network the Server is no-where to be seen. I can't log in to change the setting.

What do I do now?

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Sorry to hear about your problems.


I have manually modified the flash\config\network.cfg file before to fix an ip address issue. I just made sure to backup the file, shutdown unRaid server, and then put the flash drive in a windows pc and modify the config file.


This has worked for me.


It's also a good ideal to backup the entire flash drive contents once you get everything working.


Take care,


Jim S.

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