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Multiple hdparm messages in syslog

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Hi everyone,


I see multiple hdparm messages appearing in my syslog. Every 10-15 seconds. Is this something to worry about. Can it be helped?


The last syslog is attached. I am on Unraid 4.7.


They are attempting to spin down your cache drive perhaps?  (are you accessing it in some other way, keeping it spinning, but unRAID is unaware, because you are not doing it through a user-share)


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Thanks Joe L. for you remark.

You are right that it is the cache-drive. It isn't accessed (at least not that I know off) but SABNZB is installed on on it. Maybe this is keeping it busy. Are there any SABNZB settings I should change? SABNZB isn't downloading at the moment.

if sab is installed to the drive spinning it down will probably not work.

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Thanks prostuff1,


sab is installed to the cache drive, and the temporary download folder is on the cache drive. Can you be a bit more specific?


Are there no sab settings that will make spinning down work?

do you also have sickbeard installed?


if so the scanning it does will cause the cache to not spin down also.

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No, I don't use Sickbeard.

I am not sure what in Sab might be causing it, an "lsof" on the cache drive might might tell you, but there is probably some sort of scanner/logger that is keeping the drive busy.


I have not looked into is as I am always doing something on my cache drive so it never spins down anyway.

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