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Emit is real-time encoding and streaming server similar to AirVideo but it has a client available for Android (and iPhone).


Can someone provide some help getting the server working on unRAID?  I know Linux but am not knowledgeable or comfortable enough with the peculiarities of how unRAID is setup.  So I'm looking for help with getting the dependencies installed such that the emit daemon can find them and to persist this setup across reboots.


These are the dependencies listed in the emit README:

- erlang (minimum R14)

- ffmpeg (with x264 and faac, version 0.7.1 highly recommended)

- mkvtoolnix required if you want mkv subtitles to work.

  It should be in your package management system.

  If not:

- miniupnpc:



It would be great to see this as an unRAID package alongside Airvideo.  But for now I'll try to get it setup myself but it would be really great if some unRAID experts could at least help get me started.

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I was looking for an AirVideo alternative, too, as I have an Android Honeycomb tablet and miss using AirVideo like I did on the iPad. I found Emit and looked for an unRaid package and thus this thread...


Hope someone can help get a package together for unmenu :)


minidlna is good for accessing the unraid server but doesn't transcode videos and it also isn't working properly for me for some reason.

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I tried installing this today -- actually was able to get it installed after downloading/creating the needed packages and then making some modifications to the install script.


Unfortunately, it crashes everytime I try to startup the server.


Here are the files I used:


I built the erlang slackware package from this source (you'll need to grab gcc and ncurses as well in order to create the slackware package):


I'd be glad to upload the erlang package somewhere for everyone to try.


(Edit -- here it is:


Install those three packages using "installpkg". I already have ffmpeg/x264/faac installed.


Anyways, I had to make a small change to the emit install script, changing these lines


if [ ! -n "$1" ]


to this


mkdir -p $path/bin


and then installing emit with something like:


cd <path to emit install script> && ./install <path where you want to install emit>


For me, it was,


cd /boot/scripts/emit && ./install /mnt/cache/.emit


Finally, I edit my emit.cfg file and then attempt to start emit with "emit -s" and get the following:


root@Tower:/boot/scripts/emit# emit -s

=ERROR REPORT==== 13-Jun-2012::15:59:43 ===
Error in process <0.29.0> with exit value: {undef,[{ssl,start,[]},{rtsp,'-startplain/0-fun-2-',0}]}


That's where things stand as of right now...

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