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  1. kricker

    FS: Ballistix Sport 16GB (2 x 8GB)

    Do you still have these? If so would $60 buy them?
  2. kricker

    MyMediaForAlexa docker

    When I first installed this Docker it was setup with networking in Host mode. I tried switching to Bridge mode, but when I do that nothing will play and I get streaming errors in the myMedia webGUI. I did setup my router to pass ports 52050 and 52051 to my tower. I'll admit I don't fully understand Host vs Bridge. I keep reading about it and THINK I understand it, but when this didn't work I am no longer sure I do.
  3. kricker

    Unresponsive Docker

    Yeah, can't hurt! I have 2 slots, I can swap and get two 4gig sticks for 8 gig total, or two 8gb sticks for 16gb. Would 16 be a waste?
  4. kricker

    Unresponsive Docker

    I have 4gigs of RAM. I have 5 docker apps running. I have thought about getting more RAM. Do you think that is all it is? Any other oddities in the log?
  5. kricker

    Unresponsive Docker

    I have been having this issue for quite a while now. I believe it started after upgrading to 6.5.0. All my docker apps become unresponsive randomly. When accessing Unraid webGUI the Docker tab takes a few minutes to populate if ever. All the other webGui tabs work fine. Looking at the log I see I am having memory issues, but I do not know if that is the cause of the problem or another one. I've seen other threads with memory issues and docker problems, but none have them have provided any solutions for me. tower-diagnostics-20181204-1335.zip
  6. kricker

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - MariaDB

    I get odd files in my database folder. DLL files and ~ files. I can remove them, but they always come back. MariaDB doesn't need these files to work, so I am not sure what they are or where they come from. I am only using Kodi with MariaDB. Does anyone else get these files?
  7. kricker

    Random lockups

    So 9 days and 5 hours later my tower is stable as ever. Somehow turning off VMs helped keep it stable.
  8. kricker

    Random lockups

    So after turning off VMs completely (I noticed that it was enabled a while back, but never worried about it) my unRaid tower has been running stable.
  9. kricker

    Random lockups

    I believe these are logs right before my upgrade. tower-diagnostics-20180426-0707.zip
  10. kricker

    Random lockups

    Here are my current logs tower-diagnostics-20180426-0832.zip FCPsyslog_tail.txt
  11. kricker

    Random lockups

    I have FCP in troubleshooting mode again. Once again it is running fine. If I turn off troubleshooting mode and it crashes, it is at a state that I can't pull any logs.
  12. kricker

    Random lockups

    It just happened again right after I upgraded to v 6.5.1. It had barely run for 10 minutes before it became unresponsive. Once again I could not grab any logs only a screenshot of a remote KVM session. This is getting really frustrating. It works fine when FCP plugin is running in troubleshooting mode.
  13. kricker

    Random lockups

    My unRaid server has become increasingly unstable. It has random lockups. It is unresponsive to anything. I can't pull diagnostics when it gets in the state. The best I can do is grab logs after a forced shutdown and a screenshot of a remote KVM session while it is locked up. I've attached it. If I run "Fix Common problems" in troubleshooting mode, it never seems to lock up. I am going to try again, but this is getting frustrating. It seems to have all started after upgrading from 6.3.5. I am currently on 6.5.0. tower-diagnostics-20180422-0854.zip
  14. kricker

    BTRFS operation running randomly

    The unBalanced plugin calls it a "server", so I just referred to it as that. Since I wasn't currently using it for anything I figured I might has well "turn it off". I understand it doesn't run all the time and it may very well be a coincidence. I'm just reporting what is currently happening.