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  1. Have you used the information from @DaveHavok? Mine has been rock solid since then. It is currently at 5.0.3 build date 2024-03-02.
  2. I had the same issue and then ended up just redoing the docker container from scratch using the information above from @DaveHavok, and then the note above from me.
  3. I have been having the connections issues now as well. I have totally started from scratch to experiment. I have found that if I remove the password as stated by @zarkoff it will connect once. If you restart the docker and try to connect again it fails. I then have to re-add the password, start the docker, stop it again, then remove the password, restart the docker then I can connect again. I seem to have to repeat this if the docker ever has to be restarted.
  4. Yeah, that may suck, I'd keep a backup of the settings file and database files. Maybe you can swap them out once it's back up and running again.
  5. Did you also delete its folder in your appdata share so that you re-set it all up from scratch?
  6. I'm stumped. Maybe remove the docker and Re-install it?
  7. How about the Docker or whatever is placing files in your media location? Maybe it has different permissions/user/group set. My umask is also set to 000, which I believe is the default. Mine just updated to 4.3.13 and is working just fine as I just did a set of renaming/moving and meta data adding.
  8. What are your user and group IDs in the Docker setup?
  9. It still works just fine. Just no longer being actively developed. But as they say, if it's not broke, don't fix it!
  10. You can manually edit the movie metadata and remove what you don't want.
  11. Are those user and group ID numbers correct? The defaults are user 99 and group 100.
  12. @DrRooo Have you setup the MasqueradeAddress and Passive ports in your proftp.conf file? # using a DNS name MasqueradeAddress # NAT ports should be safe... PassivePorts ##### ##### Where is your DNS name (which you can use DuckDNS to get one if you don't already have a static IP or DNS name) and ##### ##### are the passive ports used to connect to the FTP server. An exampl would be something like this: # using a DNS name MasqueradeAddress # NAT ports should be safe... PassivePorts 50500 50525 Those passive ports then need to be added into your router's port forwarding to go to the local IP of your UnRaid server. You also need to make sure that port 21 (or whatever you changed it to) also is directed to the UnRaid server within the router's port forwarding.
  13. I don't know the issue, but I can say that I just updated mine and it works perfectly.
  14. Thanks. I'll check the syslog. I was out of town and things acted a bit odd but I think there were internet issues.
  15. Is there any way that accessing the FTP server too much would cause it to restart? When not home I am trying to watch my media files remotely using the FTP server as my access. It seems to work quite well, but on occasion it seems I loose access to the server. It may just be random Internet issues, but would I see anything in logs somewhere?