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Data drive smart errors reported. Need to replace?

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In the main page of the Unmenu interface one of my data drives shows 678 errors in the right-most "Errors" column. In unMenu > myMain > Smart (view) it shows:


Parity Drive:

» current_pending_sector=1


Disk 5:

» current_pending_sector=154

» offline_uncorrectable=41

» multi_zone_error_rate=567


I've attached a syslog and smart reports for the two drives.


The parity drive's "current_pending_sector" value of 1 has been there for about four months and hasn't budged after four monthly parity checks, so I assume that drive is ok.


Disk 5 reported a multi_zone_error_rate=40 about two months ago, but it hasn't been a problem until today. All of a sudden the errors have ballooned, although unmenu still shows all drives as green. Both drives are 2GB WD20EARS.


So does it look like the data drive needs to be replaced and rebuilt? If so, a few questions:


1) I've been using 2TB Western Digital WD20EARS for all my drives. I'm thinking of replacing the potentially faulty disk 5 with a Seagate Barracuda 2TB (Model: ST320005N4A). Is it possible the Seagate drive size may be a few bytes more than my parity drive? And if so, would the rebuild fail or even fail to start?


2) Let's say I replace the drive and the rebuild process fails for whatever reason. My offline, faulty Disk 5 "was" still readable at the time of removal, so would I be able to pop it back into unraid and copy the files back to the new Seagate I put in? Could I pop it into a Windows eSata hard drive dock and read the Reiser files with something like the YAReG utility and copy files back to unRaid?


3) Should I just stop worrying and trust that unraid will successfully rebuild the disk even though the parity drive has been showing current_pending_sector=1 for nearly four months?


4) On second thought, I may just try to do a speedy "Advanced RMA" with Western Digital where I'll receive a replacement drive in the middle of next week? Do you guys think it's ok to wait that long before swapping out the disks?






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1) They will be the same size.


Thanks for confirming this.


3) You need disks to be as healthy as possible. What if a different disk needs to be rebuilt?


You're right. The other disk are all showing green and unmenu doesn't report any smart errors for the rest, so I'll just have to hope the others won't go bad during the eventual rebuild. As I understand it, a rebuild takes as long as a parity check, so I should be up and running after about 11 hours. Even though the parity disk is showing current_pending_sector=1 I don't think I have any choice but to keep it there and hope it can successfully rebuild the replaced data disk.


4) Replace ASAP. Many, including myself, keep a pre-cleared spare.


I've put in an RMA with Western Digital and should be receiving the replacement in a few days. I decided not to go with the Seagate as it's too cost-prohibitive to make a new drive purchase at the current price levels.


Thanks for your help.

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