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I have upgraded my server hardware and would like input on the results.  My original server is described here:




I had a total of 8 gb space on that, and I need more.  So I purchased a Pro upgrade, two 2 tb seagates, and ripped out the 1 tb EADS from my tivo.  Here is my new hardware:


Intel G620 processor

Supermicro C7P67 m/b, with two pcie x16 slots, 4 sata 3.0 and 4 sata 2.0 ports, dual realtek nics

Supermicro AOC-SASLP-MV8 8-Port SAS/SATA card

4 gb ram ddr3 1333


9 drives total


In the process, I have been forced to upgrade to unraid 5.0 beta 13, due to the nics.  I am concerned about the smartctl reports of my new drives - thoughts?




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Your SMART reports look fine.  The ones you attached separately were not word wrapped and were therefore almost impossible to read, but the ones in your syslog part B looked good.


Syslog part A shows a few issues with SATA ports (I believe the onboard ports) not coming up properly.  Do you have any drives attached to these ports?  All the drives on the SASLP card appear normal.

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Thanks for checking, Rajahal. I have one drive hooked up to the onboard SATA 3.0 port, drive #2.  As I add drives I will use those ports.  When I first set up this server, using a fresh, free copy of beta13, I had all three drives (I was just going to preclear them) plugged into the onboard SATA 3.0 ports.  I had some problems - my old WD 1.0 TB green drive failed preclear; subsequently it passed when attached to my array.


Perhaps there is a problem with unraid and SATA 3.0?

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