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2 drives not showing as installed, please help recover

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In my machine, 2 of my 4TB drives decided to play truant together and are now showing up as not installed. I also found a 4TB listed under Unassigned devices. There is no 2TB unassigned device that I am aware of or is connected to the machine.

I need help with next steps. How do I diagnose these 2 drives and what next steps could I take to get them to be detected back into the array? Else is my option finding a 8TB drive and plugging it in and rebuilding the array. Looking to hear suggestions on getting this out of the way. I am so thankful that I have a 2 drive parity, else I would have pulled my hair out






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6 hours ago, JorgeB said:

Is the unassigned 4TB drive one of the missing drives? As for the other missing one, check all cables, or swap with a known good one.


Yes, one of the unassigned drives, the 4TB ones is the missing drive.

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12 hours ago, JorgeB said:

Both disks look mostly OK, most likely it was a power connection issue, if the emulated disks are still mounting and contents look correct, you can rebuild on top:





Thank you so much for your help. The array is back on and chugging as usual. My heartfelt appreciation for the work you do

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