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To Upgrade or not to Upgrade


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Admittedly, I am a little dense when it comes to Linux and probably a lot of computer topics.  I know just enough to get myself in deep trouble and is why I'm writing. 


I have managed to get an unRAID media server up and running flawlessly for some time now.  It uses a 2TB parity drive and 2 data drives (1 2TB and 1 1TB).  I'm running out of space and just purchased a 2TB drive that is on the way. 


Since I will need to purchase the PLUS version of unRAID to expand the array it got me thinking about what the best way to do this is.  I thought I could simply offer the GUID and purchase the corresponding registered data file and probably be done with it, but then again, the version of unRAID I'm on right now is 4.5.6.  I see that the latest stable version appears to be 4.7 AND there appears to be a ton of beta versions out there.


What is the best upgrade path for me in my case?  Should I worry about upgrading up to a different version, and if so, which one?  If I were to do this what are my risks?  Are the upgrades between 4.5.6 and 4.7 perhaps miniscule and nature and I shouldn't worry about it?  Naturally, the last thing I want to do is cause any issues with the terrabytes of data I already have. 

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Before you upgrade to 4.7, do a parity check just in case.

When I upgraded from 4.5.4 to 4.7, it said upgrading parity. It just so happen that a drive failed as it was rewriting parity. I would have lost a drive only I jumped through hoops using ddrescue to save the drive to another drive.


I was fortunate. Make sure you do a parity check first.


I would avoid the 5.x betas for now.

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Thanks.  Great advice.  I wouldn't have thought to do this.  I also found the upgrade instructions from the forum's variable pop-ups on the forum.  This coupled with those instructions probably get me where I need to go.  It is probably best if I do the upgrade first, then purchase the PLUS version, and then finally add the new drive.  If anyone sees any issues with this logic please let me know.  Thanks again.

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