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Lost access to WebUI - VPN related

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Hi, I'm assuming this is the best place to post,


I'm not great with this kind of stuff, and I thought I had installed a VPN on my desktop to be on all the time. As it happens, it wasn't connected.

So I wanted to do what I could and redo kind of "home security" by resetting my router's IP address, flushing DNS and reconfiguring the VPN app (PIA). I also installed the PIA browser extension and I wonder if this is where the issue came from, so I uninstalled it.

I now can't access the WebUI with the normal LAN IP address method on any browser. I can FTP in and use File Explorer, and I can even open plex via the <ipaddress>:port way, so it's connected, I scanned IP addresses on the network and it hasn't changed.

I think it keeps forcing https but I always assumed it was https not http.

I turned the VPN off completely and no improvement so it must be something I've done.

I tried using my Tailscale app from my phone but that doesn't seem to do it like it did before, and neither can I connect from my phone anyway.


I'm expecting to get laughed at for my attempts but I'm just going off google recommendations and trying to implement them, I have no prior knowledge of this subject so please give advice



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