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  1. no, no change to drive configuration. or anything for that matter. can you recommend a good flash drive on amazon? thanks
  2. i'll have to do this, though i'm concerned that my current flash drive is apparently empty. my only back up is from earlier this month i believe. i wasn't able to do the usual back up from unraid so just had to manually copy the files from my server, hope that's okay to build a new drive from.
  3. I have this problem too. @trurl could you advise? I have the same Directory Bread error, and copied over last week's flashdrive back-up, which is just as well, as when I went to manually trigger a back-up, the flash drive is apparently empty and so essentially just deleted any back-up at all. i will have to buy a new flashdrive in the meantime I am presuming, though my tower seems functioning now, i guess it just wouldn't be able to start up again. is this just a case of the above advice: buy new flash drive, copy files over, plug new drive in? thanks anyone who helps.
  4. incognito has worked, and worked for Krusader which has had the same issue. i guess it is a cache setting then? any way to get them back to normal? i thought it was the container not working.
  5. i have the same issue, clearing cache hasn't helped
  6. I think I have this container... Has anyone recently had issues regarding Duplicates? I've downloaded a couple superior sources and rather than Duplicating them, they've been added as separate movies in the library, one even with differing artwork to the default of the original.
  7. Had a couple issues with qbittorrent that have sprung from nowhere (seemingly). Haven't changed any settings at all. Firstly, seems unable to add any new torrents via the webui. I'm at 6566 torrents in total, been working absolutely fine, but now just won't add. However, recently I paused around 1.5k torrents from one tracker, that's the only big move I've done recently. I'll be going through them to back them up and eventually will have to delete them as they are redundant but I can't see how that would affect adding new torrents. I could add via the /watch folder. So, I downloaded to my seedbox and then to my server via FileZilla, added the torrent to /watch as Paused, and force rechecked. However, this has never worked and I've never got force recheck to work with qbt, and it didn't this time. Adding the torrent to rutorrent, however, was fine. Recheck was fine. So it's seeding from there. I'd rather it was in qbt though. And I have more torrents to add daily. Any ideas? Thanks.
  8. i'm sure i've either done this before, or they've changed or something. every so often when this problem arises someone says to switch them. but like i said i'm not even sure what the completed share is for, really. i wanted downloads to go to the dwnld share first then when completed, move to the array. so. i guess i need to see which containers are using completed and change that. as for Transcode, is there a way to speed up or make transcoding better? Plex used to be horrendous for me before i changed the default setting to play a low quality 1080p, rather than the remuxes i download.
  9. thanks. even just your reply has lifted my spirits regarding it. it just compounds and makes me feel stupid, plus when i post a query somewhere and people see they're dealing with an idiot they lose interest haha. and i suppose why i would like someone to help me in general rather than separate people helping with separate issues. sometimes i feel like they're all like part of a chain of one issue. these things i've done but the alert is still always there. i worry that i've ended up with too many shares due to spaceinvader videos where he sets up a docker and instead of reusing a share i've done exactly like him and made a new one, ie i have a downloads share and a completed and i don't even know what watched is for. that is definitely something i need to look into, though with my lack of ability, i've been put off. i should look into backblaze, perhaps? do they just sync to your array? thanks very much for your reply. even just a reply, like i said, has helped me feel a little better about it. i suspect i've messed up in trying to set up a VPN with binhex-qbittorrentvpn and it could have coincidentally messed up qbittorrent linuxserver and plex.
  10. Please don't hate me. This is written as a rant but I just could really use some help. I’m not massively technical and this has plagued me in getting advice before, so please either be patient with me or if I’m too stupid for you, please just don’t bother replying. I’ve tried these forums before for the individual issues and reddit, as well as help from a friend that I’d rather not bother anymore with my silly issues! The thing is, either someone helps me and things have worked out great, or they open another new can of worms, or just doesn't work and we sort of shrug our shoulders and it's left there. When i follow spaceinvader's videos, there's always somewhere that doesn't work as his does, and there's no troubleshooting or even a suggestion that things don't go the way his did, so I just have to stop there. As an intro, I researched building my own NAS, graduating from a Seagate 3TB Personal Cloud to a Raspberry Pi with attached disks, before researching and building my own little server. I used pcpartpicker and built a computer for the first time. The case was too loud so I changed it, and things were okay. I’d link to a PCPP completed build but i get an unknown error on it for some reason. I’ve ended up with a 36TB array (12TB parity) that I love. Parts list [hide]MSI B450M Mortar Titanium Arctic AMD Ryzen 5 1600 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance White RAM (going for the all-white theme) I have a stupid little GPU that I can’t actually tell if I ever needed, though I could never get the GUI to show before I bought it, so. WD 12TB 2x WD 10TB 2x WD Red 8TB 500GB m.2 LSI SAS board [/hide] Now, I’ve always had little snags which have resulted in little odds and ends being unfinished and I wanted to branch out and find somewhere I can try to either get more help or advice. I essentially run Plex and qBittorrent. I wanted initially to run a lot of things such as Calibre/Ubooquity/COPS comic reading app, Jdownloader/youtube-dl subscriptions etc, a Pihole if possible, and a VPN. VPN/qbittorrent [hide]The latest issue I’ve been dealing with is the VPN, which, I think, links to a current new qbittorrent issue. I signed up for PIA so I could route qbt through it. I’d been running linuxserver’s container, but downloaded the binhex-vpn container for it. I followed spaceinvaderone’s tutorial. As it stands currently, I have the binhex container which produces an “Unauthorized” page when I try to load the WebUI. Perhaps it attains to sharing the same ports as the OG container, so I changed them. No avail. As spaceinvader doesn’t seem to troubleshoot, I’m at a loss as how to proceed. Simultaneously, or coincidentally (I’m not sure), the OG qbittorrent now does not add any new torrents. This has happened since creating the new binhex container. I stopped the binhex and restarted but this hasn’t corrected it. I thought I'd got around it by adding the torrent file to my /watch folder, but while that does add it to qbittorrent, when force rechecking, it does not recognise the files, even when i've downloaded it elsewhere, put the file in the correct folder etc. Force recheck has never worked for me with qbittorrent. I downloaded the PIA chrome extension but haven’t installed the VPN on my laptop as I’m unsure if I have to? I guess I do use firefox, too. I had initially wanted to be able to access the entire server via a VPN if necessary, ie to pause downloads if someone was home, but as it stands, that won’t be possible. My last venture trying to set up a VPN to cover the entire server has potentially left my wifi insecure. I was following a spaceinvaderone tutorial into setting up a VPN, but when he goes into his router settings, mine, Sky, didn’t have some settings regarding port forwarding that his did, and so it was half done. I wasn’t sure how to proceed and months, maybe a year later, I’ve changed nothing, and so have potentially left my internet vulnerable. [/hide] Plex [hide]Plex is working okay these days, once I changed the settings to always transcode to a low quality 1080p. Before then, the buffering or transcoding would just crash the app on my TV. Things seemed to work okay on laptop, but perhaps that was transcoding automatically. I’d like to watch in higher quality but I’m not sure whether the problem is CPU, GPU, RAM, Plex, TV, connection or what. It was infuriating as we’d sit down to watch a movie and it would stop 5 minutes in and crash the whole app. At times, Plex was totally unusable at all, it simply wouldn’t load. Really I’d just like to watch things at the quality I download them at, which is primarily 1080p Remuxes. [/hide] youtube [hide]youtube-dl. I want to “back-up” hate5six’s videos and DaiTanFilms. These are live punk gigs. youtube-dl never worked for me, for seemingly no reason, so I tried Jdownloader2 which downloaded hundreds of GBs for a while until it stopped. I’m now onto using youtube-dl-material which I think works. There are often new videos in the folders, though seems some get missed, but I don’t want to mess it up. However, the Plex folders are pointed at the folder I created with Jdownloader2 which is right next to the one youtube-dl-material created. Can i just move the youtube-dl-material videos over or will they re-download? I don’t even know if it’s downloaded ones I previously grabbed with JD or maybe only new ones. Don’t know if there’s a gap in videos. We’re talking hundreds of videos though, so. I’ve been using youtube-dl-server to create a little folder of Official Music Videos, which I enjoy on shuffle recreating watching Kerrang/Scuzz/MTV when I was younger. this works quite well with a basic GUI where I choose “Best Video” and it downloads and then I move it to my /officialmusicvideos folder. However, it just stops. There is nothing I can do to make it work again. The container itself works, it just ignores my input. I’m about 600+ videos in, all manually entered, it’s as if it exhausted itself but… I want to keep using these youtube containers but they all just break and I don’t know how to fix them. [/hide] All of these issues, while may seem small to you, have stopped me from proceeding with other ideas and stuff in the past, so while I had bigger ideas for the server and storage, I’ve just resorted to using Plex and torrents, sometimes using FileZilla to download from my seedbox (now that qbt won’t add). As much as I’d like help to fix these things, I’d also like to try to learn and add more suggestions to my box. I have about 5TB left and need to grab another HDD but unsure these days which to grab. Perhaps stay with the WD theme, and perhaps a 14TB or even 18TB and replace the parity whilst aiming for longevity, as the others can be upgraded up to that, as you all know. However, I get nervous due to the 3.3V pin issue and I don’t like the fact that my HDDs have a bit of tape stuck in there forever. I’m sorry this turned out more like a rant, but I’m incredibly grateful if you read even one section and especially if you can help me, or fine-tune my system. I feel like I’m missing out on the experience (and speeds, maybe) that others enjoy and just want to join in the fun and show my partner all the cool things we can do/watch/listen to haha. Thanks very much
  11. this worked for a few days but the docker now gives Error 401 "page not working". is it related or? i've removed and reinstalled the container with same result
  12. my container automatically updated to 4.3.0 but it isn't whitelisted yet on trackers, so i'd rather downgrade for now. what is the best way to do so? on one forum, someone mentioned getting a version number from the More Info tab on the container image, but i can't find it, and add that to the repository on the container's Edit page. can anyone write a quick step by step for me please? i believe i've turned off automatic updates for the future. thanks.
  13. Hello, I am not sure whether these two issues are related, as I'm not sure when the second error "began". Firstly, I went away for a couple days and sent off a few downloads to complete while away. These would have filled up the cache drive, though I believe upon copying to the array upon completion, each downloaded movie would duplicate then move the dupe across then delete the cache copy. Correct me if that is incorrect, but I believe I will have set too many downloads across and came back to many errors of Cache utilisation full. The end result is that all movies downloaded successfully but it seems like the copies are still on the cache drive, and Mover doesn't do anything regarding that. I have had a few things hanging around on the cache before due to this issue (possibly) but it was never enough to worry about as my cache is 500GB (this was recognised by the server in Fix Common Problems saying "Share Transcode set to cache-only, but files / folders exist on the array"). Now, however, it's 360GB full of things that should be on the array. SO, I went to Start my Krusader docker container (I use FileZilla to transfer around the network, but rarely move around on the array itself) to do a test and see if I could move, or cut and paste from cache to array. The paste would be unnecessary as it seems to be on the array anyway, but need them off the cache. I rarely use Krusader as I find it difficult to navigate in the same way I can on FileZilla. THE ERROR: upon Starting the container, I get an immediate "Execution Error. Server Error". I thought I could remove the image and redo it, but it said the same, and is still there. Upon trying to start now, I get "Execution Error. Image can not be deleted. In use by other container(s)" I've attached my diagnostics. Help would be appreciated for both errors. Thanks.
  14. i can't even start the docker at all. i've just done a new install, Squid helped me with a port problem in another thread, but the container won't do anything when i click Start.