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  1. For the moment the options for the naming of the files have not changed. You can either: A.: Dump all videos in one single folder, each file named after the video title B.: Save the videos in separate folders for each channel (Folder named after Channel / Video after title) C.: Save the videos after the plex youtube agent sheme (Folder named: [channel-id] and video named [video-id])
  2. I just pushed an update. This docker now uses yt-dlp instead of pytube. yt-dlp receives updates and fixes much faster, which I hope will ensure that there are no more long lasting outages. As this was I relatively big update, any feedback and bug reports are welcome!
  3. Thanks for reporting. I am currently working on rewriting the container to use yt-dlp instead of pytube, as it seems to receive updates faster and more reliable. I hope I can push the update tommorow
  4. Thanks for posting, I am able to reproduce this issue. There will be an update which recognizes the new channel urls. Meanwhile you can just use the old channel urls, they are still working. On most channels its posted in the channel info. Also you can use websites like this one to get the channel url.
  5. The container should work now, sorry for the long wait. Currently the download speed is low, I am looking in to it.
  6. Did you go to the settings and press "Disable naming for Youtube-Agent"?
  7. It seems like there were changes to youtube which resulted in a bug in pytube, the library this docker uses to download the videos. I´ll update the container as soon as pytube gets updated.
  8. Es ist jetzt ein Update verfügbar, damit funktioniert es bei mir wieder reibungslos. Das Problem war scheinbar auf Shorts beschränkt, daher ist es mir nicht aufgefallen. -- The problem should be fixed with the update. It seems like only shorts were effected, which is why I didn´t notice it.
  9. Hey, currently I am only interested in fixing bugs. I wanted to work on higher resolutions and naming but I am currently working on a project for study. I don´t think I will add new features till Christmas. If you want to contribute or edit the container to your needs, you can download the project on Github here. Basically you´ll need to edit the files accordingly to your needs and then build the container with docker (there are plenty of tutorials on Youtube). If your build then is without issues you can create a pull request on github, I will test it, and then merge it to the main branch. This would make it available to everyone via an update.
  10. Can you give me more information? Or some examples? Regarding the format/resolution, I am looking into it. But I am not sure how much time it will take. PS: Anyone is welcome to contribute on github
  11. It seems like its not an issue with the program itself, but for some reason the name resolution (DNS Services, I guess?) fail. I've uploaded an update which prevents the docker from stopping, and just ignoring this error.
  12. As suspected, pytube was / is the issue. It currently has an critical issue. I updated the docker to use youtube-dl if pytube fails. Sadly you will have to delete the links, which have not been downloaded from the appdata/<ChannelName>.txt file to download them.
  13. I currently don't have access to my own server, so I can't test it at the moment. Can you open the config.ini in the app data folder and change log = False to log = True? After running the docker again, there should be two files: flaskDEBUG and mainDEBUG. I have the suspicion that it's actually the pytube library which is causing these issues.
  14. The docker container has been updated to adress the issues mentioned by DevXen.
  15. I think I have a lead on the issue. I hope I can publish a update later today or tomorrow. Note: There seems to be a common misconception that the app will download the whole channel when added. This is not the case as the app will only download new videos. It is however possible to download all videos by deleting the content of the <channelName>.txt in the appdata folder.