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Need some help in choosing the correct settings of VM to allow MS to upgrade (Hardware/Virtio)?

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I posted this is another forum but not sure if that was the correct one so reposting it here in hope someone can point me in the correct direction.


I would like to update to Windows 11 on a specific Windows 10 VM (My server supports Win 11) but when I originally installed it with Unraid 6.9.2 the path to Windows 11 was not available.   But because of this, upgrade now says Windows 11 doesn't not supported due to the hardware.  What do I need change to allow this use the latest "hardware" so it allows the upgrade.  I have other VM's with Win11 on the same server but I can't loose any settings (Programs/data) in upgrading.    Is there a place here that shows those steps of how to safely do this?  I would think it's virtio driver or Machine but I don't want to take a chance in corrupting this accidently by choosing the wrong setting.   This might be very basic and I am just missing something.


Again, I know how to load a VM with Win 11 but I don't know how to upgrade this Windows 10.   


Thanks for listening 


Currently running Unraid 6.12.10

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I don't really know what to try is the problem.   There is alot of software and licenses that are installed and it's going to be a big pain to start from scratch, but I will, if there is no other way.   If you can give me some suggestions to try to do.   It's weird thing because I created the VM with win10 with 6.9.2 before you could use Windows 11.  Since then I have created several Win11 VM's but because this one says it can't be upgraded because of the Windows 11 requirements, i can't do it normal way  but the PC does meet all the requirements.


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