Move Apps to Unraid or Leave on Qnap Nas


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I have been running a Qnap 259 for a couple of years with 4TB unprotected as a media server. I built a box for unraid about a year ago, and tested it with some old drivesI had laying around and it worked great wtih Sab/SB/CP. I never put it in production because of high drive prices.  I copied this build. Except I chose a Nexus case.


Drive prices are now down from the moon and I have 200gigs left on the Qnap. I have ordered one Norco SS-500 and two 3TP WD Green Drives.


My main question is should I continue to use the Qnap to run the apps and just use the unraid to store, or move all over to the unraid box, and what are the advantages  and disadvantages of both.

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