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  1. Thanks very much. I will give it try once I get my Hdhome/Hdhomerun Prime boxes sorted.
  2. Working on getting this working with my HdHomerun Prime. I can get it recognized and it scans. However I cant connect with the backend. I have a Hdhomerun ATSC, Prime and a Genpix Skywalker usb. The Skywalker is supported but it requires some addition modules. GENPIX 8pks/qpsk/DCII USB2.0 - DVB-S The following modules are necessary in order to get this device running: - dvb-usb.ko - gp8psk.ko I have no Idea how to install these. Could this be included in a upcomming release?
  3. You mean in the "Host path:" box for /hdhomerun? That would be the location of where you want the recordings and log files to go. As an example, mine is set to /mnt/user/Media/Recorded. I get it now, I think I was having some brain flatulence. Thanks
  4. What exactly do you have to do after installing this template. In the form /hdhomerun is there. What goes in the other box?
  5. I looks like the cable was the issue. Parity sync is in progress for a couple of hours. Before with the other cable, it would disable the disk after a half hour or so. This is what you get when you buy the cheapest cables you can fine. These were 15 bucks. Saved a few buck in exchange for hours of aggravation. Thanks very much for your attention and help.
  6. I put that on just to take a look. After I replace the cable, im starting clean without plugins.
  7. I am using reverse breakout cables in a 12bay NAS case. I have 3 cables and all bays are connected. Only tow cables are in use. So I think good test would be to pull the cable attached to Sdb and swap it for the one attached to the empty bays. I think the cable is the likely culprit. I put another new drive in the same bay today, and it also went device disabled om the UI. Its gonna be a PITA tho. I have remove the fan wall the Norco to get to the cables. Will do tonight or tomorrow.
  8. Tje drive is the parity drive. I unassigned to run Preclear.
  9. I ran the Long smart test and it completed without errors.
  10. I have attempted to preclear a 4tb Toshiba drive. twice. It has failed twice at the exact same stopt. The drive is brand new. Installed it as parity, without preclearing first. After a few hours of parity sync, I would find the disk with a Red X, disabled. It get no useful info in the putty/preclear screen. It just froze, text pasted below. Also the web ui is inaccessible after the preclear failure, reboot is required to restore. This is anew build with all brand new parts. Log attached device in question is Y5OAKE1QFSAA (sdb) 3907018584. Disk Temperature: 36C, Elapsed Time: 30:57:43 1907719+10 records in 1907718+10 records out 4000784932864 bytes (4.0 TB) copied, 62088.4 s, 64.4 MB/s Wrote 4,000,784,932,864 bytes out of 4,000,787,030,016 bytes (99% Done) unRAID server Pre-Clear disk /dev/sdb = cycle 1 of 1, partition start on sector 1 = Disk Pre-Clear-Read completed DONE = Step 1 of 10 - Copying zeros to first 2048k bytes DONE = Step 2 of 10 - Copying zeros to remainder of disk to clear it = **** This will take a while... you can follow progress below: = Disk Temperature: 36C, Elapsed Time: 30:57:43 1907719+10 records in 1907718+10 records out 4000784932864 bytes (4.0 TB) copied, 62088.4 s, 64.4 MB/s Wrote 4,000,784,932,864 bytes out of 4,000,787,030,016 bytes (99% Done)
  11. I think the trend now to go with Intel CPUs. I just moved from a TriCore AMD to a Intel Core I5. I think the reason is they perform better and comsume less power.
  12. Some simple modding my be needed to get the norco cage in. I used a c clamp to press down the tabs that would be used to hold optical drives. My next build wil be in this. The way the drives are mounted you can forgo the norcos and how at least 8 drives.
  13. I moved my server to a new location and serverely bent my usb thumb drive. It still works, but it silver part is attached by a thread. I am afraid to remove it, for fear of breaking it completely. How do I go about getting Unraid on a new thumb drive?
  14. I picked up a old Dell Optiplex 755 without a hard drive for 20 bucks at Goodwill. I ran the trial version of unraid and it worked fine. I see no reason why your Dell wouldnt work. You could load the Unraid trial and boot from it, just to be sure before ou commit to buy.
  15. No sure about how will it working in unraid, but the Genpix Skywalker is a great piece of hardware. I bought mine in 03 and use it with DVBlink for DVBDream and WMC.