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  1. What would the syntax be if I wanted to backup a specific directory called Home Movies in a share called Movies be? i.e. /Movies/Home Movies
  2. Thanks @trurl and thanks @dlandon for the great plugin. Any other rsync switches that would be useful to know or anything else people add to their scripts? Only plan on using this to back up my shares and store HDDs offsite.
  3. Can someone show me what/where I need to add in the backup script in the op for backing up additional shares?
  4. I want to start using this plugin to back up my shares to an external HDD. Where could I go to get help with a script for doing this? I know there is an example in the 1st post, but I'm not sure what it does/doesn't do. I'm trying to learn rsync, but I'm not confident plus the rest of the scripting is Greek to me. Thanks,
  5. Wow, that was too simple. Actually, that's awesome. Thanks for the help guys. Now this topic is solved
  6. Thanks that makes sense. Would I pick "manual, do not split directories"? How would it work when say I have (2) disks with share movies\non-animated and I tried to write to that share? How does it know what disk to write to? Whatever the allocation is set for?
  7. Thanks everyone. I think my question was answered, it can't be done. I can't use split level because I want certain 'split level' directories to go to certain disks.
  8. I have my shares write to specific disks. I prefer this and it works good, except for my movies share. I have directories in movies I would like to write to specific disks. For example, movies\non-animated I would like to use disk 1 and 2, movies\animated use disk 3 and movies\other to disk 4. Anyway to do this? Thanks,
  9. Maybe I wasn't clear in my post. The server has auto rebooted three times now. And it has only happen when I have Crashplan running. My backup size is 207k files, 1.3TB, setting memory to 2GB. Total memory is 8GB. Like I said, maybe its premature since I changed so much of my configuration, but it seems like it has only rebooted when Crashplan is running. Maybe just a coincidence. I'm not taking any chances though and have a different motherboard, cpu and memory coming. I will do a mem test on the new setup prior to doing anything. I tried to look at the crashplan logs on Sunday, but nothing stood out, not that it would of necessarily either. There is a lot of info in them. So if nothing strikes you off the top of your head, then I will wait until I receive the new hardware and do so more testing.
  10. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I used "Unassigned Devices". I will try to add a path when I get a chance. Unfortunately, I seem to be having a problem and I believe it is with using Crashplan. I had the server reboot a couple of times on Sunday. I think it was related to Crashplan and figured it was because I was messing around with it so much. I wish I would have pulled the container logs because they looked weird. Anyhow, I decided to turn it back on and continue my backups between my 2 servers yesterday. It ran all day and rebooted again this morning while I was at work. I did disable autostart so it didn't keep happening. Weird that my backup server has been running Crashplan since Saturday and hasn't had a problem. This is the last like of the container log: 18/07/2017 07:40:51 destroyed xdamage object: 0x20002e Mean anything to you? Let me know if you need any other info that would be of help. Thanks. Edit: Based upon server up time, it appears that it rebooted around 12:30 p.m. today. Although, I think it has something to do with Crashplan, I can't be for sure. I did just switch out the motherboard, cpu and memory and upgrade from 6.1.x to 6.3.5 Although it is using the same HDDs, cache drive, flash drive and HDD controller.
  11. Thank you for this docker. In all fairness, I haven't used the other Crashplan docker to compare, but this one is really nice and works really well. It's good to be back on Crashplan. I used to use it back in the 5.x days with plugins that were a pain to install and then when there was an update, you would be lucky to get it working again. Finally, it just wasn't worth continuing with it. Especially since I was running it on (4) servers and (8) clients, no cloud storage. One thing I noticed I couldn't do (or figure out) was to seed a backup to an external HDD. I usually start off this way and then take it to my offsite server to get the backup going. Anyway to do this? I mounted the external drive as a user share, but it seemed like the docker wouldn't allow me to save the settings once I picked it. Anyhow, great job and thanks for sharing.
  12. I'll go ahead and mark this one complete. Although I don't know for sure, I do feel it most likely is the motherboard. The only other component I didn't swap was the memory. I replaced the motherboard, memory and processor with a new one and problem solved. I took the old processor and put it in my backup server and the problem didn't come back. So that just leaves the motherboard and memory. Thanks for the help and suggestions.
  13. Changed from using motherboard usb port to one of the motherboard headers, same results. This is with the UPS USB disconnected. Tried a different flash driver, same problem. So at this point, I'm leaning towards motherboard. The only other thing I can think of is power supply. I did do a memory check and it came back fine.
  14. You mean an add on card? Do those still allow the flash drive to boot? Thanks for your reply.
  15. Hello, Running v6.1.7. Server's been running pretty well. Uptime was almost 300 days. I think the hardware is a good 5 years with hdd upgraded throughout. Noticed an error 2 to 3 weeks ago about losing UPS communications (via USB). Didn't think anything of it at the time and honestly forgot about it. Then the other day all shares were missing. Tried to do some things via web access but that didn't work out so well. I did notice though that I was having flash drive problems. So after doing a hard shutdown, I pulled the flash drive and it seemed to be ok via a windows box. I didn't run any test on it, but seemed to be ok at first glance. Afterwards, I couldn't get the server back up without reconfiguring the bios to boot from it, weird. It came up ok and parity check was fine. But less than 1 day later, pretty much right after the parity check, I lost UPS comm again and when I look at the log I have a ton of these errors: Jul 5 00:33:01 hitch kernel: FAT-fs (sda1): Directory bread(block 8192) failed I attached a snipet from the log from the completion of the parity check, then the UPS comm lost and finally the flash drive errors (sda1). I guess I'm wonder has anyone seen this before? Is it a bad flash drive, motherboard going bad, UPS somehow taking out USB ports. At this point, I probably will need a new USB flash drive as this one after 30 hours has over 30 zillion writes to it. Outside of this, everything else seems to be working ok, but I'm sure it's going to lock up at some point. Thanks for any help. log.txt