Help: UnRaid 5.0 (from 4.7), cannot delete files from any user share

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Upgraded to Unraid 5.0 rc12b from 4.7 and followed the migration guide.  All went fine per the guide and I ran the new permissions utility.


Today, I noticed I could not delete files.  From my Windows 7 machine I try to delete and get: "You need permission to perform this action."  Next line reads: "You require permission from TOWER\nobody to make changes to this file"


My user shares are set to Public, and I checked that I had no stored credentials in my Windows 7 machine.  I also rebooted my Windows 7 machine as well as Unraid, but this did not help at all.


Does someone have any ideas?  This occurs on all user shares.

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Delete any saved credentials in Windows.


As I mentioned in my original post, there are no saved credentials...please see above for all the things I have already checked/done.


This whole unRaid 5.0 thing is turning in to a nightmare.  This should be a simple thing - a share set as public shouldn't behave like it has some kind of permissions on it.  Or am I mis-understanding things?

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Sorry all, got this resolved.  I ended up cross-posting (I know, but I was desperate for help) in the 5.0 rc forum, and listed all the things I tried.


The issue seemed to just resolve itself over night.  Not sure how or why (no reboots of any PCs, or any other special steps).  I was going to keep an eye on it just to see if the issue crops up again.

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