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Sub directory share permissions


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Hello, sorry if this was already asked but I didn't see it.  My goal with unRAID is to have one share (\\NAS) setup with all my files in there so I can map just one drive on my laptop and PC. Below is a quick pseudo layout:


(Level 1)      (Level 2)          (Level 3)                      (Level 4)

NAS              -> Media          -> Movies                    -> Movie directories

                                              -> TV Shows                -> Show directories

                                              -> Other                      -> more directories


                    -> Comp Files  -> Files + directories


                    -> New Files    -> Files + directories



I want to map one drive on Windows - NAS (Level 1), then have read access for Media by my user and guest + all the sub directories, except I want the OTHER directory (Level 3) to be hidden so my kids can't find it on the share.


Also I want Comp Files (Level 2) and New Files (Level 2) to be seen only by my user and not guest.


Is this type of granular permissions possible on unRAID? Being able to modify permissions at a sub directory level is possible on Windows when shared but from what I see, even a custom SMB file tends to apply just to the specific share and not subdirectories in that share, or am I missing something?  Not having a bunch of mapped drives keeps things neat and tidy for my family members, which is why Level 1 exists.

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