SMB Shares No Private Option

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So I have a user share and I would like nobody but myself to have access to it


Unfortunately my only options on the unraid interface under Security Drop Down are: Secure or Public.


Private is grayed out


so with the options available to me guests still have read access which just wont do.


I am running SimpleFeatures webgui is that the issue?

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Secure still allows guests to read the data which I dont want

You are correct - I was obviously fast asleep.


The manual states private allows the option of denying guests read access but the private option is grayed out in the drop down menu

. Grayed-out is not the same as missing!  I just checked and on my system there is no problem with selecting the Private option.  Are you running the standard GUI?
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I am using the SimpleFeatures GUI, in an hour or so I will try with the stock GUI as currently am running a pre-clear on a disk and cannot reboot for a little longer


P.S. I appreciate your effort to help me but in the future please try to read the first post thoroughly as all these things you have asked/stated are in the first post.

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