cant mount USB HDD ext4

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Hello All,


i have plugged in a USB HDD (ext4) thats full of data that i would like to copy to my unraid server. once done i will format the drive, remove it from the USB case and add it as a new drive to my array however, i need to get the data off it first.


i see the drive listed however using ssh/telnet i cant seem to view it


Drive Partitions - Not In Protected Array

Model/Serial Temp Size Device Mounted File System

usb-WDC_WD10_EADS-00P8B0_D577A6505913-0:0 * 1T /dev/sdd

partition (976,759,808 blocks): /dev/sdd1 ext4



root@Tower:/dev# /dev/sdd1

-bash: /dev/sdd1: Permission denied


is there a way to get the data from the USB HDD to my array?


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I found a plugin called SNAP and have it installed however, when i ran " -a D577A6505913 USBHDD" nonthing happened and i still cant find that share.


root@Tower:/boot/config/plugins/snap# -showusb







root@Tower:/boot/config/plugins/snap# -listDevInfo

unRAID=No. SNAP=No  ata-WDC_WD30EZRX-00DC0B0_WD-WCC1T1372439/dev/    sdc

unRAID=No. SNAP=No  ata-WDC_WD30EZRX-00DC0B0_WD-WCC1T1394124/dev/    sdb

unRAID=No. SNAP=No  scsi-SATA_WDC_WD30EZRX-00_WD-WCC1T1372439/dev/    sdc

unRAID=No. SNAP=No  scsi-SATA_WDC_WD30EZRX-00_WD-WCC1T1394124/dev/    sdb

unRAID=No. SNAP=No  usb-Kingston_DT_Locker_0018F30BFDE7BAB07139008A-0:0/dev/    sda

unRAID=No  SNAP=No  10238 /dev/sdd  usb-WDC_WD10_EADS-00P8B0_D577A6505913-0:0


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ok got it listed now but when i mount it i get ext4 is unsupported... any other options here?



unRAID=No SNAP=Yes 13220 /dev/sdd /dev/disk/by-id/usb-WDC_WD10_EADS-00P8B0_D577A6505913-0:0


root@Tower:/boot/config/plugins/snap# -m MyTemp

Mounting filesystem for /dev/disk/by-id/usb-WDC_WD10_EADS-00P8B0_D577A6505913-0:0-part1 not attempted: Filesystem (ext4) is not supported.


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What version of unRaid are you using? My memory maybe fuzzy but I seem to recall that before v5b3 unRaid lacked support for ext4 filesystems.


If you are up to date you can try mounting the drive from the command line.


Make a mount point and mount the partition to it:


mkdir /mnt/myusb

mount -t ext4 /dev/sdd1 /mnt/myusb


List the files on the drive to see if it works:

ls /mnt/myusb


After you do what you want with your files unmount the drive and remove the mount point:


umount /mnt/myusb    (that's umount not unmount)

rmdir /mnt/myusb


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