Kernel Panic during Parity Check on fresh System - RAM tested and clean

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Hi all,


i configured a fresh system with old hardware to reuse the given hardware.

AFAIK it's a C2D E6600, on a MSI Board with 2x2GB RAM and 400W Chieftec power supply.

I use the basic free unraid 5.0.5 thumb with 3 Harddrives: 2x 1TB Seagate and 1x 750GB WD


i tested the rams with 3 runs: clean

i installed the system and precleared all 3 drives without any errors in 3 screens simultaneously: done without any panics


now i configured 3 drives in the array and pressed the initiall start routine, when the parity drive is synced the first time. i tried it 4-5 times and i always get a kernel panic at 5% or 10% or 16% progress.


any suggestion what i can test/fix?


big thanks in advance


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Hmmm ... My system got a kernel panic and I took a photo of my console proving I really did get a kernel panic and gave only the briefest description of my hardware. I posted no syslog. I expect someone is going to have a eureka moment and tell me exactly what the problem is and give me the magic bullet.  ;)


This is tongue in cheek obviously, but all the wikis and materials say to post a full syslog whenever you are posting a problem. And details of you hardware.  It is a little annoying for experienced community members who take time to try and help folks to have to ask for this info over and over.


I will say that "kernel panics" are almost always hardware related, although they can occur due to improper BIOS settings (e.g., memory timings). You said your memory passed 3 passes? How long did that take. Issues pointing to memory problems require a 24 hour memtest.


If you search the forum for kernel panic along with the model number of your motherboard (which you omitted) you may find someone having a similar problem with that motherboard. There is also a motherboard compatibility section somewhere on the wiki. Is your MB on the list of known good motherboards with unRAID? Also, try just searching for kernel panic will get you lots of hits and reading a few dozen of them may give you ideas and possible solutions to try.


Do your homework and if you can't solve it, post the required materials and I think you'll get more help ...

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i will, sorry. it's not my first time, should it know better. the hardware was not near me, so tomorrow i will do my homework. thanks for your reply




Board: MSI MS-7235

Chipset: Intel® P965+ICH8

HDDs connected to: 4x Intel® ICH8 Chipset not the 1x JMicron JMB361

BIOS: latest possible Bios 1.11 with optimized Settings loaded

CPU: Intel C2D 6600

RAM-test time: 3 rounds for 2x2GB DDR2 800, about 5-6h


searched the board and internet but there is no one with this board and unraid

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strange :/


all i installed is Dynamix WebGUI with all Plugins (not all configured and active yet), OpenSSH, denyhosts, unMenu, htop, screen, (btsync, dropbox <- not active), powerdown


i also ordered the suggest san disk thumb and will try only to use Dynamix, OpenSSH and unMenu first. Maybe it will not crash…

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