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  1. I did the same again. following steps: 1. macOS Catalina 10.15.1, working since hours, forcing TM Backup on Server > failed cant find the share 2. creating failing.txt 3. stopping the unraid array 4. creating offline.txt 5. starting the unraid array 6. forcing TM Backup on Server > working, its preparing the backup, scanning files, all good what it should do everytime 7. creating working.txt 8. diff working.txt failing.txt > no results 9. diff working.txt offline.txt > some results of course still no solution to this damn problem. I don't understand what is the difference to a freshly started array? is something differently broadcasted? hope you can help me guys. keeping the .txt files for further inspection
  2. I did that right now. it wasn't working, I created the failing.txt. than I stopped the array, restarted the array (no reboot) and TM started by clicking/ forcing it to do a backup. so I created a working.txt. but diff don't show any differences. further ideas?
  3. #unassigned_devices_start #Unassigned devices share includes include = /tmp/unassigned.devices/smb-settings.conf #unassigned_devices_end
  4. Yes but it will not stay this way. The next backup will fail again until I stop and restart the array
  5. hey guys, I'm on 6.7.2 + macOS 10.14.6 and still have problems with an already presented TM backup/share over smb. the thing is still that it cant be reached from my MacBook(s). ONLY when I stop the array and restart the array immediately it finds the share and is working flawlessly and as expected. how can I extract my log for this bug to track down? it has to unraids side doesn't it?
  6. like me with pre final, I'm shutting down the array and restarting it, after that the TM share is visible or can be found by an already set up TM
  7. i reinserted it and commented everything out besides the low include command for unassigned shares. so its still working. something in the global part f'ckd something up
  8. finally did it. sreknobs tips couldn't help… so I took all the crap out of my smb extra configurations: [global] security = USER guest account = nobody public = yes guest ok = yes map to guest = bad user kernel oplocks = no oplocks = no level2 oplocks = no #unassigned_devices_start #Unassigned devices share includes include = /tmp/unassigned.devices/smb-settings.conf #unassigned_devices_end and emptied it. voila! it's working. can anyone tell me what was important in that config?
  9. I tried that already. still no luck… - afp is disabled - Enhanced macOS interoperability is on - public, secure or private doesnt matter - new share names - Different sizes - with or without cache drive - 2 MacBooks, brand new reinstalled or one that worked with afp - up2date macOS installations - …
  10. tried everything by now… not working. same odd error "The network backup disk does not support the required capabilities" even a freshly installed Mojave macOS on another macbook gets the same error. so I assume I have to search here at unraid for the solution. did exactly what everyone else did. hidden time machine, normal, secured, public, empty directory, deleted share, created a new one every time the same error. its mounting the drive but error 45 in console. I can upload files to it, its not about write permissions
  11. i have to connect to mine first and its not working. was working good with afp, so I will wait till 6.7 final and hope for the best… I tried everything already. all manual smb configs, reseting time machine on my Mac, etc. new shares, blank shares, everything
  12. i also have the feeling that its a macOS behaviour. adding the drive with cli I get the following error: sudo tmutil setdestination -a smb://name:password@server/Backups Disk does not support Time Machine backups. (error 45) The backup destination could not be added.
  13. hey, thanks but I did that and still, not working. its exported and visible but not connecting at the end its just creating this file in the share:
  14. hi all, im on 6.7rc5 and can't get TM to work over SMB. its showing up and I can login but while adding, its saying something like: "The network backup disk does not support the required capabilities" what steps do I have to configure manually before its working with the 6.7. final release? thnx in advance